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Monday, October 28, 2013

Road's End Phalenes owned by Others

Hi Antje
 We tried to qualify in AKC Beginner Novice Obedience but Nesse would not do the long sit with the Judge in the ring with us. Nesse only wanted to be with her mom so she broke the sit. She is just 9 months so she is really too young to want to be far from mom with "strangers" standing nearby.... and Mom so far away!
 Some photos of Nesse participating in beginner agility:
 Nesse was an absolute speed demon on the high Walk- It this past Saturday. She loved it and showed no fear. Mom was a wreck...I could hardly keep up with her.
 Nesse is a natural for agility. She llloooovvvvveeess the equipment. Once when learning the A-Frame she did a cute little hop at the top, apparently she thought to herself--- this is FUN!!!