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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Points Schedule for AKC Shows, Oregon/Wasington

The new point schedule for AKC conformation shows has taken effect on May 13, 2009.

For Pappillons, you need 3 dogs, 5 bitches for 1 point; 9 dogs, 11 bitches for 2 points; 14 dogs, 17 bitches for 3 points; 21 dogs, 25 bitches for 4 points; and 33 dogs, 39 bitches for 5 points.

This situation makes it pretty impossible to ever get a AKC championship around these areas. one would have to travel further and further, endless amount of times. Many of us do not have that amount of time, money to spend on there entrance fees, hotels or camping slots, gasoline....you name it.

There are offers from Canada to have your Papillons brought up there, to be shown by someone else for a fee, or a trade of some sort.

While that thought is a good thought, but many of us do like the challenge and sportsmanship, there is another solution:

UKC is a reputable all breed registry for some years now ;I myself became aware of it through Pixiedust Papillons, and I am following their lead.

They have had a very positive show experience, with very helpful people, and most of all: No paid professional handlers are allowed in UKC shows!!

I am in the middle of registering Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen. He will then have a dual registration of AKC and UKC, and I have my first show lined up for August 8 /9, 2009 in Albany, Oregon, with other shows following shortly.
If everything works out good, my Papillons in the future will all have a dual registry of AKC, and UKC.