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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

9 Week old Papillons.

X Tra Coco this afternoon. @ 9 Weeks:
While the other Papis are waiting on a roof-covered patio to be let in, Coco sits in the rain, chewing sticks, and enjoying herself. (Just like dad, who is always the last one to come in, and the most dirty one.)

Coco is currently not available
Brolle (Dad) only wet in this pic, most of the time it's much worse.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road's End Papillons: Owned by Others

Greetings from X Tra Fino in California, and great photos done by her owner, Burd.

Fino @ 9 Weeks

Papillons, Phalenes: Is this Breed for You?

Is this Breed for you?
A Papillon or Phalene, since they are the same breed , needs a lot of attention and affection.
It is recommended not to get this breed, if you already know, that you do not have enough time for him.

To say it in other words, you might want to look into another breed, if you have a full time job, and are gone most of the day.
Unless you find him a compatible playmate (perhaps 2 Papis, or a Phalene and a Papillon).
But if you leave him all day by himself, alone, the outcome will not be good. This little dog will not thrive in loneliness. He may withdraw, and even remain shy around his owner,  in his entire life time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Road's End Papillons: CH/JA Satori's Cowboy Casanova

This  lovely photo was shot by Burd, on the day of Fino's departure with him.
Cowboy is now13 Months old

Monday, March 21, 2011

This is about the cutest story so far.
It is the departure of X Tra Fino, heading to Southern California.
Don't miss out on this one!

Hi Antje,

It was an interesting trip. Fino slept for an hour or so before she woke up and started crying a bit. I stopped and found a nice, quiet grassy area, but she didn't pee. She was unhappy getting back in the carrier at that point, so I just held her on one arm the rest of the way to the airport. After checking in, the “oohs” and “aahs” started when I took her out of the carrier at the security check-point. The middle-aged male TSA agent commented how cute she was and related some short story about his little dog. I suspect that national security was temporarily at risk as all of the other TSA agents (mostly female) diverted their attention to the puppy for a minute or so. I noticed that the carrier smelled a bit at that point, so I took a look and discovered a large blob of poop. She had a bit of poop on one leg, which took a couple of wet-naps to clean up. I was quite thankful that you had thought to line the bottom of the carrier. I changed the liner and we were off to the gate. We had about an hour wait at the gate, so I put some water down for her and let her stretch her legs. She made the rounds in the immediate area, making numerous friends among the waiting passengers and people passing by. She did OK in the carrier when I first got on the plane, but started to cry when the plane started to warm up. She made such a fuss that I ended up taking her out of the carrier after the flight crew made their last rounds, and held her for take-off. She was shaking like a leaf. I put her back I the carrier when we were up, but she figured out that if she stuck her nose in the corner of the bag, and pushed up, she could push her head through an unzip the carrier. She did this several times, much to the amusement of the rest of the passengers in the row, until I finally just gave up and held her the rest of the flight. She has got quite a strong personality.
I've attached a photo of Chelsea with her in the airport garage on the way out of the airport.

Yes she is such a joy to have with us. She is adjusting so well and is enjoying playing with us and her toys, and taking naps on our laps.  I can't imagine. She touches the hearts of everyone who meets her.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

8 Week old Papillon: Road's End X Tra Coco

That leaves us Coco, Fino's + Harley's sister.

Road's End X Tra Fino

Our tiny Fino was personally picked up today by it's new owner.
Fino will  be living with loving family in Southern California. Good by, little Fino.
As always, it is so hard to let these precious puppies go.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Activities for Papillons/Phalenes

No Comments.....the pics say it all.

High Fiber Foods for your Papillon, Phalene, Dog

High Fiber food, or supplements can have very positive benefits for your Papillon.
Fiber will bulk up the stool and make it softer. Therefore, fiber is often recommended for dogs that suffer from bouts of constipation, colitis, or anal gland problems.
Here are some high fiber sources, which are safe for your pet:
  • Brown Rice
  • Bran
  • Vegetables, rich in fiber: as Carrots and Green Beans

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Open Fontanle (Fontanelle) in Papillons, Phalenes & other Toy Breeds

As in a human, the dogs skull is made out of several bones, shaped like plates.These bones are first soft, just like in a human baby, and are somewhat separated from each other. Most dogs have these plates closed at birth,or will usually close when the puppy is 4-6 weeks of age, or may close slowly over  three to six month period.
The  plates harden as the puppy grows,fusing to each other, and closing in the brain. The plates meet in the center, on top of the skull, and this center, the fontanel (fontanelle) is the last open space to close.
It can happen, that the fontanelle never closes, therefore leaving a whole in the skull.
Prevalent are toy breeds, especially: Chihuahuas, Maltese, Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers. But Papillons, Phalenes are not excluded.
 In Chihuahuas, the fontanel, remains unclosed and this does not harm the dog.
If you detect an open fontanell in your puppy, make sure to give him a thorough check up at 5-6 months. Consult your veterinarian, to make sure that there are no  underlying birth-defects, such as Hydrocephalus.

There is no treatment for an open fontanel. Be careful,and  particularly aware, as to the sensitivity of this area .  Avoid touching the area due to the potential for accidentally damaging brain tissue.
 However, keep in mind that many dogs with an open fontanel live normal active lives.
Dogs with an open fontanell should not be bred.

Monday, March 14, 2011

7.5 Week old Papillon Puppies: Road's End X Babes

X Tra Coco & X Tra  Fino: Big Sister & Little Sister:

Road's End Papillons-Phalenes: Owned by Others.

Up- dates on Mousse, and Misty from Minnesota. Both are Road's End Papis.

Hey Antje,

Thought I owed you a picture of Misty. She was at the vet last week and weighs in at a whopping 3.1#. She loves to play, loves to cuddle, is beginning to find her voice (which is no more than a squeak), and is simply, a joy. She loves Mousse- and he LOVES her. I'm sending along a photo of Mousse and Misty, too, so you can see the size difference in these two. Mousse looks a little angry with his teeth showing, but be assured that he is a gentle, lovable dog. You can see how much they love each other in the "kissing" picture!! Take care. Lynn