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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Q Babes @ 2.5 weeks

Quo Vadis (Boy) + Quantum Leap (Boy) are the 2 on the right.

The 2 boys will be looking for homes by mid May. They are of white/red color.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Petit Praline von den Kolibris

After numerous attempts, our Praline is finally pregnant.
She is expecting her babes in the middle of April.
The Knight in shining armor is: Silenzio's Brolle.
Praline is imported from Germany, and Brolle came here to me from Sweden..  

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Papillon History

The Papillon breed is about 500 years old.
You will see this breed, or similar, on paintings by Giotto, or Titzian.
Empress Maria Theresia (Empress from 1745 to 1780 based in Vienna.)

 was very fond of these dainty, little dogs. They kept their keeper warm in the winter, and kept the hallways, and passages in the castle rat free!!
(translated from the paragraph in German below)

Empress Marie Theresia, Vienna, Austria

Die Rasse entstand schon früh auf Gemälden Giottos oder Tizians tauchen ähnliche Hunde auf und auch Kaiserin Maria Theresia begeisterte sich für die zierlichen, kleinen Hunde. Sie wärmten im Winter ihre Besitzerin und hielten die Schlossgänge rattenfrei.

The Phalene - the Papillon with the" Drop Ear"

As you can see him pictured in the previous post: the winner of this years Crufts in Europe.
Until a few years ago, one would hardly see a Phalene in the USA, or at a US Dog Show.
But the interest level is rising remarkably.
It is not easy to preserve the Phalene, because of confusing genetics.
For instance: Mom and Dad Phalene will not necessarily produce a Phalene litter.
Drop ear dogs can show up in a pair of erect ear (Papillon)parents.
It is difficult to find a show quality Phalene, the gene pool is  limited, unreliable and unpredictable.

DFS Crufts 2010 Results |

DFS Crufts 2010 Results
Crufts is Englands largest show.

More Muddy Fun

Our Ore'O is now 4,5 Months old

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Papillon Activities

@ Road's End
The highlight of the day is when I go out with my Papillons to toss them a ball!! Almost all of them want to participate, but there are always some, who rather only watch.

Q Bunch @ 12 Days

Quo Vadis (Boy) @ 12 Days
Queen Bee (guess what..) @ 12 Days
Quantum Leap (Boy) @ 12 Days

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Papillon History

click on it to enlarge + read!!

Papillon Colors of Today

The first Papillons (the early ones)where often seen as a solid colored Dog.
Today they are mostly a white dog with colored markings:

  • white- black
  • white- red
  • white-lemon
  • white- sable
  • tri-color dog: white, black, and tan.

Papillon History

From Titian through Mignard and his contemporaries, all of the Contintenal ToySpaniels had drooping ears.  The ears were set high, although far enough apartto show the curve of the skull.  They were of medium size, hanging, as one writer has expressed it "lightly".  There may, however, have been an occasional dog with leathers of sufficient strength for the ears to stand erect.
(Excerpts from "Brief History of the Papillon" by Rachel D. Kemmerer)
Titan: Venus Urbino
Aristocratic Girl / Girl Blowing Soap Bubbles ( 1674 ) by : Pierre Mignard - French Painter ( 1612 - 1695 )

Papillons: Small Dog with a big Attitude

Papillons do not recognise their small size, nor their vulnerability; they think of no difference between them and a Golden Retriever, Shepherd, or other large breed. Some of them even will be quite bossy to them, bossy to any other dog.
But if you already have a larger dog at home and you are in the process of adding a little Papillon to your family, make sure to realize your big dogs temperament first:
Is he aggressive, does he like to chase things?
If he does, be aware, he may use your little dog as a prey animal, thus endangering your small dog.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Available Papillons

Please check the Available Papillons (Puppies, & Adults) on my Web site's pages:

The puppies, and adults, you see here on this blog have been available at the date posted, but may not be longer available.

Papillon Grooming + Maintenance

If you have a boy Papillon, and he stains his hair to an ugly yellow around his plumbing dept., you can trim/shave his hair off in this area.- That is,  if he does not get to be shown.
 If you show your dog, you got to leave the hair, and keep it clean as best you can.

Road's End Jasinthe

One week after her delivery: our "Min" is doing great, and her 3 babes growing like a weed.

Resting from a Ball Game

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When to Neuter a Papillon

It is best to neuter your Papillon puppy at the age of 6 Months, but never too late to neuter anytime!!
Both: males, and females.
Call your vet and re-confirm. But under any circumstances, don't wait too long, especially with the little boys. If you go to do this timely, you can prevent most likely all marking behaviors.

The Q Bunch @ 3 days

Mom and Babes are doing very well:

Mom (above) + Dad

don't forget to click on the pis!!!

Road's End Papillons owned by Others (Statements)

Hi Antje! I hope this finds you and your household doing well.

Well, Zen is definitely top dog around the house here. This last year,

we increased our little pack by two when my Mom's dog, Pippin, and her

cat came to live with us. Zen and Pippin are inseparable and have set

up a set schedule to follow during the day. The wrestling games start

the moment the alarm clock goes off, this then becomes a game of chase

and tag on the first trip outside. After breakfast and a short nap in

the sun, one of the dogs will grab the tennis ball and a crazy race

starts with ears back and tails flying. Once they tire themselves out,

they either nap on the couch or Zen will use his favorite ball to rest

his head on as he lounges in the sun. When not keeping watch out the

front window they are stalking whomever is in the kitchen to get some

dog snacks. Evenings are spent on any available lap.

Zen has learned some tricks on his own. He will grab his ball if you

ask for it, when told "go to your room" he runs to his sleeping crate,

and we are teaching him to chase the birds off the patio (he loves

this "game"). His favorite toy is a small pink tennis ball that he

takes with him from room to room. Although he fetches it consistently,

he loves to tease our other two dogs with it in order to be chased.

And he just flies when he runs! He has also teamed up with the cat to

come get someone to open the door for her whenever she scratches at

it. It doesn't matter what time of day (or night) or where he is in

the house or yard, he has a special bark/howl to let us know whenever

she what to come inside. I'm not sure who trained who on this one.

As I was reviewing some of the older pictures I have of Zen I'm amazed

at how much his coat has filled in. His tail is very full and flowing

and his ears would be longer if he didn't get so many knots in them.

Even with daily brushing, all of his physical activity and wrestling

just knots that ear hair up. It's a good thing he enjoys being brushed

and bathed. These pictures are ones I took this last week. The snow

pictures are from last year. He wasn't sure about the cold but he

wasn't about to let Pippin go outside and have fun without him.

(I am posting a 7 week old pyppy photo of him with this letter)
And here is his dad: Road's End Mickey: