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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Ask: how to grow long earfringes on a papillon dog Papillon Dog Ear Fringing)

 How to grow long fringes on a Papillon (+ Phalene:)
If your Papillon has the genetic make up for growing long ear fringes, than the rest is up to you:
You got to keep your
  • Papi brushed on those ears regularly.
  • A weekly bath is recommended for the overall coat. Keeps the hair in better condition, easier to brush, therefor less breakage.
  • For long fringes, it is best that your dog does not get to play so much with other dogs, because they pull on each others ears and legs. they favorite!! So, you have to make that choice: long fringes, no play, a little less fringes more play, more happy dog; and so forth.
  • If you intend to show your dog, or have already a show dog,  you can put a sock/tube/snood  over his head while playing. Anything which holds their ears/fringes under the hood. Be creative.

Brolle has a fair amount of fringe for a red/white Papillon, and he is still growing hair and fringe. He is only 1+1/2 half year old, and it can take several years to grow fringes to its completion.

That is because , if you see his parents here, they have abundant fringe development, as well ,that goes on with his grand parents.

The dark colored Papillons grow a better fringe . 
White + Black
Tri Color
White + Tan, or Sable colored Papis with black rimmed ear fringes are still OK .
White + Red only  dog; it is very difficult to grow fringe, due to their super fine hair texture, which breaks easier. Again, here you can research the pedigree of your dog, looking at photos of the parents, grand parents.
You may have gotten an off- spring from a line with a lot of red dogs, but with a strong fringe grow.....all genetics. 

Tiger Mans fringes are great.
His moms are "so so"

But look at his dad!!

If you look below at Cowboys father and grand father, you now can guess what he will most likely develop. He is only 8 months old on this photo.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

S Babes

Strammer Max + Snickers Delight @ 8.5 Weeks
Strammer Max is so far is a Phalene. (that can still change)
Snickers Delight is a Papillon.

T Babes

@3.5 Weeks
Starting to be little individual personalities.
Truffles (front)
Tutsi (back)

Truffles (front)
Titine (back)

Truffles + Tutsi(front)
Titine (back)


Titine: lining up at the Milk Bar

Salem Market in August

first visit today @ the market for  Snickers + Max.
This little guy had a blast with the puppies.

Queen Bee met us at the market.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mr. Stenley vom Cavalierchen

Stenley @ 10 Months

Petit Praline von den Kolibris

Praline is growing her coat back after she lost her baby few months ago.
She is now 3 years old.

Mom with Daughters (2 different Sires)

Jasmine (Eenie) @ 2 years

Walzing Mathilda vomCavalierchen (Mom)

Ore'O @ 9 Months

Satori's Cowboy Casanova

Cowboy @ 6 weeks + 8 Months

You Ask: How long to feed puppy food to a Papillon.

How long to feed puppy food to a Papillon :
Puppy food (kibbles) has higher protein content as adult food.
I feed my "under eaters, skinny Papis, Papis under stress, pregnancy, post illness if any, all puppy chow, even as adults.
Only the gulpers, pudgy Papis get adult food.
Also if a Papillon of mine is very fit and active (athletic) I keep feeding puppy food.
The ones who do not want to play much and are kind of lazy, get adult food.
I have one Papi who does not exercise much, but eats very little: I feed puppy food.

This should give you a guide line. (I hope)