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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Phalene Dog (History)

There is a gaining interest in the US in the Phalene dog, the "drop-ear variety of the Papillon.
Phalene is the french word to  "moth", vs Papillon to "butterfly".

Marrics Kaleidoscope PH @ Road's End

So, here we are talking about our sweet little "moth" dogs, also known as "Continental Toy Spaniel".
As you know: they are Spaniels!!
And , the fact is, that the Phalene is the first variety of the two dogs; the Papillon with his erect ears was developed and bred much later.
Their precise origin is somewhat unknown. It could have been in France,Belgium,  Italy, or even Spain.
But we do know, that they where companion dogs to the Royal, as many paintings tell us.
Some estates used them also to keep their hallways and rooms free of rats and mice and other varmints.

CH/BA Road's End Strammer Max PH

In the US, the AKC club registers Phalenes and Papillons in the same group. They also show up in the same ring, and a Papillon will win over the Phalene more often, due to the fact, that the Phalene is so much less popular, and  judges often do not know this variety very well.
In Europe, there are a lot of shows who follow the rules of the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale). They judge and list them separately. But the Phalene, with the exception of the drop ear, is authentically to the Papillon.

Marrics Blitz (Phalene Puppy) @ Road's End

We have in the US the International Shows (IABCA), who represent the FCI and follow their rules.
I can highly recommend you to go to these shows, with your Phalene, or Papillon.
The ears are set higher on phalenes than any other Spaniel type .
The ears of the adult Phalene should be firm, no too thick, round, with fringes .
Right in line of the Phalenes eyes, there should be a slight lift under those drop ears.
Do not mistake a Papillons "lazy ear", weak ear leather, or one ear erect, the other down for a Phalene variety. These are all faults.