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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Adopting older, or retired Papillon Dogs.

Adopting retired, older Papillons from Road's End.

All our dogs are raised inside our home. They are part of the family, they are not locked away in a garage, spare room, live behind pet fences, or enclosed exercise areas.
In the summer, our Paps love the outside, they have big spaces designated as their yard, and fields, where they spend a great amount of the day.
Comes winter, or the rainy season, they have large spaces designated to them inside our large home, they also have nooks and tubs to nap and leisure in every room where we reside, from the kitchen to the living room, they keep us company.
Yet, Paps living in a large flock of dogs, as ours, are not exactly the same as when you raise a single pet, or a Pap which lives only with one or two other dogs.

Here they have to share all the attention, love, care, goodies, taking them on errands, trips, etc. among many.
With these circumstances their behavior changes slightly.
People who seek to adopt older Papillons, or dogs , must be aware of these facts, that they inquiring about a dog, which has been living sometimes from birth on in a setting like our kennel.
There is work involved from both sides, the to be adopted dog, and you.
 You will get out of every one of these loving dogs as much as you put in!!
Paps are very intelligent, and and adjust to ones lifestyle readily with given love, care, and attention.
But older dogs do not come perfect like a stuffed animals. They are most likely between 4-7 years old, they are calmer than young dogs,  they may dribble on your carpet first, as they are used to claim their "stuff" like toys, etc., they may be shy at first, confused,  they most likely are not used to leave the house much any more, and therefore prefer to stay at home. They may prefer a home with little or no other pets, and kids.
Some of them have individual needs in their older age, as far as diet, grooming, etc. 

But all that can, and will change with time and guidance.
Numerous of  retired dogs are also retired from the show ring, and all our Paps are the "crème of the crop" with pedigrees of many champions, and champions themselves.  So, you are looking at the finest selection of Butterflies, with loving, fun temperaments.
In general, you at least see what you get; no guessing here as what you do when you get a puppy.
You also do not have to live through phases of chewing up your furniture, pooping all over the house, whining, teething,
 A 6 year old Papillon could possibly keep you company for another 10 years, and your wish and duty of making it a safe, loving and fun journey for your little one, and you, should be very rewarding, and full-filling, regardless how much longer they will live.
From the perspective of me, as the owner of the Road's End flock, it is the most  painful task to do, to give a Pap up which has lived all those years with me. It takes a constant reminder that all these dogs deserve a bed to sleep in, be coached around every day, or taken for a walk, loved as the only child, or perhaps shared with one, or two other little creatures. It is my duty to think about their needs, not mine, as hard as it is.
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