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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

This photo is from the owner of  Road's End Flaneur (Phalene). Too precious for not to share!!

Papillon Mother +6 Months old Daughter

Papillon Mom  Ore'O with Daughter Anelli (6 months old):
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Above: Mom Ore'O

Above: 6 months old Anelli

Road's End Papillons, Owned by Others

Zoe (Road's End Zarina) + Bella (Road's End Up -Towne Girl) are living together with one family.



4 months old Phalene, owned by Others: Road's End Flaneur

An up-date on Phalene boy Flaneur, now living in Maine. His left ear fell back into it's proper place. We are all celebrating.!!

9.5 old Papillon: Road's End X Tra Coco

Our X Tra Coco @ 9.5 months:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Road's End Papillons, Owned by Others

First news of our puppy Epcot, who got finally to Florida, via Washington:
We are having so much fun with him! He's adorable! We'll send more photos, this one is for fun.
Diana, Natalie and little Henry.

Road's End Papillons, Owned by Others

Road's End Queen Bee (Emelii)

My Papillon, dog had surgery , when will he have a bowel movement?

In continuation of Duke's Surgery

Duke is such a patient little guy, as if he understands, why he is confined to a crate.
He already had a good bowel movement the day after, but that brings up a good question to all of you, who have, or will have a injured dog, which had surgery.
When will my dog eventual go potty?
Many of our pets will wait on that 2-4 days after surgery.
Here are some of the reasons.
  • He did not get to eat prior surgery, and many dogs will not want to eat during their hospital stay.
  • If they get to eat @ the veterinarian, it's most likely light, highly digestible food. there is not much poop left over to eliminate.
  • Medications play a big role. They many times constipate the dog.
So, if your Papillon, dog has not have a bowel movement after 4, or latest 5 days give him a stool softener with his meal.
Example: Metamucil.  1/3 of a tsp for a 10 LBS  dog. Best in some canned  dog food.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Papillon improved Squeaky Toy

Hope you don't mind a little fun between all the post surgery stress.
Our Paps tear up everything they get hold of as far as toys go. I bought them 2 days ago a squeaky chicken,  already the beak beeing torn after less than 2 minutes. My husband designed the following Papillon improved Squeaky toy:

Materials used: heavy gauged hardware cloth.
When you want to squeak, take a pen, or pencil through the mesh and push!!

4 Months old Papillon: Road's End Gypsy Rose

Pictured here is Rose and our 16 year old Bear. I picked up  Bear 16 years ago of the road in North Carolina. She is still in an amazingly good shape. Contribution to her long healthy life are her many long hikes in company of Llama+ Donkey Treks, and good quality Kibbles (besides genes)

Rose is almost 16 weeks old, available as a pet, or show puppy.

Post Surgery Concerns: My Papillon, Dog will not eat. (continued)

Post Surgery Concerns: My Papillon, Dog will not eat.    (continued)

I thank you for your valuable and kind comments. There is one comment especially important to this subject, which I will re-post here, since not everybody may read comments under posts:
Chris in Anchorage, Alaska said...
He might have an upset tummy so food is not appealing to him. Treat the upset tummy if he is still not eating. I hope he is on the mend soon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post Surgery Concerns: My Papillon, Dog will not eat.

Help: My Dog, Pet just got back home from Surgery and will not eat.

  • Put his regular Kibbles away, he may not want to eat his regular food.
  • Cook him some nice lean, white chicken, turkey, or lean meat,(protein) and add rice, pasta, or even potato to it.(carbohydrates).
  • Try canned dog food; if not eating alone, add a tiny bit garlic powder, or chicken, beef broth to it.
  • Gerber Baby food, with meat, veal, chicken, or turkey.

Whatever food it is, warm it up just a little bit to enhance it's flavors.
Do not wait too long to feed your tiny Papillon, have Nutri- Cal handy to avoid Hypoglycemia

Papillon Road's End Duke: Recovery from front leg, Radius, Ulna Fracture.

Here the first part of Duke's, hopefully smooth recovery, with no set-backs.
Duke is back home. He had surgery today, where he now has a pin in his Radius, and a splint as an external device to help stabilize his bones for proper healing.
The fracture is a copy cat of the image I posted 2 posts ago.
He already had his meds, and had a nice meal, which he ate without problems.
But there are post surgery concerns for all of us Papillon, pet owners, of some of them I will mention in the following posts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road's End Papillons Girls

Some of our Papillon ladies are getting slowly their hair coats back, after having had litters in the late spring, early summer.

Walzing Mathilda (Matti)

Jasinthe (Min)

Naughty Nana (Nana)

Fractures of the Radius and Ulna Bones in Papillons and other Toy Breeds

(Duke's Story)
Sad news, but our little Duke broke his left front leg last night, and is now at the Veterinarian clinic to have surgery tomorrow. Today, he will only have a temporary splint to help to immobilize his leg, to avoid further injuries.
 You will hear more related reports from me about this subject in the nearest future, and you will see, and hear about his hopefully fast,  and most pain free recovery.
The Front Legs of a dog are actually Arms, and the Radius and Ulna are the two bones that comprise the forearm (just like in humans). Fractures of these bones are frequently encountered in Papillons, and other Toy Breeds, or small dogs.
  • Small breed dogs have a poor blood supply to the lower fourth of the radius bone, therefore it is more susceptible to being fractured; also healing of the fracture can take longer than other bones in the body.
  • The radius is the main weight-supporting bone; the ulna bone supports very little weight.
  • If the radius fractures, the ulna usually fractures too.
Radius-Ulna Fracture in a Dog

The personal story of Duke is simply, that he played with 2 other Paps in a room, where I was sitting watching TV. I took one of the Paps out to go potty, and in that ,less than a minute, absence of mine, he must have jumped down to the hardwood floor from my chair I was sitting on . That is the only possibility he had, to jump from anything in that room, and it is only the heights from the seat of a chair.
  • The smaller the dog, the bigger the chance to have a leg fracture.
  • In small breed dogs, landing on the front limbs from a fall is the most common cause of fracture of the radius (example: dog falls out the owners arms).
But not in this case; no one dropped him. (to be continued)