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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Updated photos of available little girl Yalena:
Yalena now 5 weeks old

For inquiries / reservation please click HERE
Hello, Antje!
I am having a birthday today and thought I would write to tell you what I have been up to.

I am still small but I am strong and mighty.  I weigh 4 lbs, 5 ozs and I am healthy and VERY playful.  My favorite foods are raw chicken hearts, cheese bits, chicken tenderloins, lettuce ribs, carrots, and apples.  I still eat three times a day, but breakfast is my biggest meal and I sit on the kitchen rug and watch mom make it for me. 

I love to take mom and dad on walks and chasing a ball is my favorite game…..I am super-fast and I can jump and catch them in the air!  I don’t really like to give them back, but prefer to play tug-of-war.   I do have A LOT of balls because I like to hide them so I get new ones often.  I also love toys that squeak when I bite them!  When I’m tired I have a pink princess pillow in front of the heater where I play with my toys.  Sometimes I take a nap there, but mostly I like to nap on mom or dad’s lap or around their necks…..that’s my favorite spot.  I do like to snuggle!

We go places in the car almost every day.  I love the wind in my face!  Sometimes when we are going slow mom lets me have the window down.  She holds me tight and I have some “Doggles” to wear so that I protect my eyes.    My favorite places to go are Petco and Lowe’s and Home Depot because they like dogs in their stores.  Everyone wants to know what kind of dog I am and they tell me I’m beautiful.  I get lots of pets but my favorite people are the little kids.  I always give them kisses and let them pet my head.

I am a good helper so mom gave me my own chores to help out. 
  • I am in charge of all of the dirty socks on laundry day,
  • I jump in the laundry basket so the clean laundry doesn’t fall out,
  • I am in charge of finding the dryer sheet (I am really good at this chore),
  • I shred any loose papers that fall on the floor or stick out of the garbage cans so they are easier to recycle,
  • I follow mom everywhere so she doesn’t get lost.

I am sending some pictures too.  I hope you and my papillon family are doing well.  We watch for new pictures on your website and enjoy reading about what you are all up to.

Thank you for giving me a healthy life and for letting me come live with mom and dad.  Happy Birthday to me!


Seme is doing so well.  She is a confident, bright, happy little soul.  She has brought us much joy and is such a sweet girl.  We are grateful to you for her!

Wishing you a wonderful new year,
Doug and Sherl

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Puppy girls Yolanda & Yalena, now 4.5 weeks old:

Above girl Yalena
Below girl Yolanda

Yolanda, 4.5 weeks old

Yalena 4.5 weeks old

For inquiries about Yolanda click HERE

Thursday, December 20, 2018

And look at those ears:
5 months old Road's End Ruby.
Ruby lives in Central Oregon.
Photo credit to the owner


Above:   her mom when she was 7 months old.

Photo Gallery of RE Paps out there..
This is Pap Rascal, aka Mushu with his mom number two, taken one year apart.
Picture credit to the family who owns Mushu.

Above Mushu with Mom # 2 now.
Road's end Rascal, now Mushu 1 year old

Above Mushu shortly after he left our home with mom #2

Photo Gallery of RE Paps out there..

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

This is just the sweetest Christmas photo I got sent.
Those two little Road's End Pap girls live with their mom in Texas. Photo credit to Santa Claus !!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

These two little boys are now available for inquiries. DOB 12/5/18; tri color
They are one week old now.
Please click HERE for further information.
Update: 12/20/19: Both boys are reserved now for their future homes.

Above bottom: (Boy Zest) reserved as of 12/17/18
Top: Zorro

Road's End Bisou

Girl Bisou, 6 weeks old.

Xion + Bisou's Photo Gallery

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Another Sample of Deceptive Labels - Pet Food Industry

According the to the Petfood Industry Community: “47% of pet owners say they are looking for real meat as the No. 1 ingredient listed on a bag of pet food.”
And guess what? The pet food manufacturer knows this!
What Is Ingredient Splitting?
“Ingredient splitting is the deceptive practice of subdividing a more abundant — yet inferior quality — ingredient into smaller portions.
This dubious tactic can be used to artificially raise a meat item to a higher position on an ingredients list — and lower an inferior one
Being able to divide a dominant ingredient into smaller portions permits any pet food company to trick you into believing there’s more meat in a product than there actually is.” – Dog Food Advisor
This trick can be done with almost any ingredient in a bag of pet food!
For instance, in the photo a random bag of pet food was chosen that was labeled Pork and Peas. The pea ingredient has been broken down into 3 different categories: peas, pea flour and pea protein. By breaking them down into different categories, the weight of the peas can be divided into three, leaving the meat ingredient on top of the list. Pure genius!! (Not really)
The peas outnumber the meat, almost a 3:1 ratio. Rather than the bag being called peas and pork, it can now be labeled pork and peas because of this sneaky trick!
Some other examples to look for when ingredient splitting can occur:
Corn: Corn gluten meal, corn flour, and whole ground corn
Rice: whole rice, white rice, brown rice, rice flour and rice bran
Potatoes: dried potatoes, potato starch, potato protein, and potato flour
Ready for the real kicker?
Pet food labels are listed before the cooking process.
Even though a product lists pork as the first ingredient, the pork meat still includes about 70-75% water. Once extruded, the moisture is removed and left at around 10%, so the pork will have shrunk to 25% of the original amount while dry ingredients, like the different pea categories, will not change that much!
“So, the next time you see a meat item as the first ingredient on the list — don’t be too impressed. Or you could become the next victim of the pet food industry’s ability to re-order its ingredients list to suit its marketing strategy.” – dogfoodadvisor.com
"An educated, informed and well-researched community of pet owners can only put more pressure on the pet food industry to be better! When pet owners know better, they will only do better!"
They are sharing the room:
Our girl Picante surprised us with 3 little pups last night. Two boys and one girl.
She is now sharing the room with mom Windy and her 2 girls.

Above: Picante with her few hours old babes.
Below: Robby the first -time dad.

Robin Hood Perłowy Raj   (Robby) (Import from Poland)

Below : mom windy with her two 12 day old girls.

Blesk Fortuni Dendi Charm (Import from Belarus)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Monday, December 3, 2018

(Boy) Xion; will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. (Reserved as of 05-12-18)


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Young Road's End Timber.
Photo credit to the owner, lives in Central Oregon: