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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

e mail hacker

If you, my dear followers, friends, and Road's End Papi Owners, got a  e mail from me, that I am in Malaysia, mugged + stranded down......it's a e mail hacker who got hold of my e mail program.
I am fixing the problem. Don't worry, I am not in Malaysia, I am taking care of my Papis.....
Thank you,antje

V Babes @4 Weeks

First Puppy Meal:

Monday, November 22, 2010

V Babes @ 3.5 Weeks

Velvet Elvira

Vampire Misty

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Road's End Nicolai

Here a lovely photo sent to me from Nico's family.
Nico is the brother of our Naughty Nana.
Road's End Nicolai @1 Year

Sister Naughty Nana

Dad: Int./Multi CH Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen

Mom:Nanu Nanavon den Kolibris

Saturday, November 20, 2010

V Litter @ 3 Weeks

It is not my favorite time to take photos of my Papillon (puppies). It's too cold to take them outside, or it rains here in Oregon.
But here we go:

The Boys

Viking (left) Vigilante (right)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Ask: Papillon/Phalene scoots his Bottom across the floor?

U ask: why does my Papillon scoots his bottom across the floor?
  • Your Papillon could have a worm infestation. When did you last deworm your Papi?
  • Your Papillon can express his anal glands, by scooting over rather coarse surfaces, as asphalt, concrete, carpet.....If he does this occasionally once or twice, and he stops, he most likely has the job well done. But if he continues to do so, then you must check his anal glands, make sure that they are not compacted.
Read here about one of my previous articles about Anal Sac (Infection)

Road's End Tutsi @ 3. 5 Months

In regards to  the previous post about Tutsi:
She really does ring them when she wants out. She is really clever! Has been doing this for about a month now. take care, laurel

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Ask: Type of Brush for Papillon/Phalene Ear Fringes /Hair Coat

You ask: What type of brush I use for caring for those delicate ear fringes:
Here a pic of my tools.
Keep it simple, that works best. The goal is always to rip as little hair out as you possibly can. So, be gentle.
Also, use the brush and comb already on the little ones to get them used to it early.

Road's End Tutsi @ 3. 5 Months

Tutsi, now named Xena lives in Canada. Here a lovely letter from mom with new pics:

We are enjoying Xena and just wanted to send some recent photos. She certainly is a busy puppy! She seems to be all legs now. She rings the bells on the door handle to get outside. If I'm not fast enough she practically pulls them off the door. Can't get enough of the ball/fetch game either. She is impossible to tire! Take care, laurel

And, as you see: yes, you can train a Papillon to ring a doorbell, needing to go outside.
You install a small bell, hang on a rope/ribbon of the door handle.