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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Father + Daughter

Silenzio's Brolle with 7.5 month old daughter Road's End Ore'O (after a ball game)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road's End Up-Coming Stars

Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge.
Satori's Cowboy (6.5 Months)

Road's End Naughty Nana (8 Months)

Road's End Ore'O (7.5 Months)

Mr. Stenley vom Cavalierchen (8 Months)


Snickers Delight + Strammer Max are now 1 week old.
Max on the left, Snickers (girl)on the right.
Mom is ready for break of baby sitting a short while.
Click on the photos to enlarge them.
And, no, I did not gave a a "Poodle Cut" on her leg. It is the vets work to get her an I.V
Multi CH Gracia Gina vom Cavalierchen & Int/MultiCH Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nanu Nana von den Kolibris

Someone questioned the timing of our Nanu Nana expecting in later August 2010. Yes, she had a litter in October 2009, and it has not been a year! But Nanu Nana gets her heat cycle every 4 months, and she absolutely loves to be a mom. Nanu skipped a heat cycle, just as she and all other girls suppose to to. And now, she is ready to go.
The sire is Silenzio's Brolle.

Queen Bee

Road's End Queen Bee's new mom sent me these lovely photos of her. Queen Bee is now 3.5 months old.

These are her parents:
Road's End Jasinthe, Silenzio's Brolle

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Silver Falls (State Park), Oregon

A beautiful day spent sight -seeing with 3 privileged Papillons of ours.

Click on the photo below to see these photos much larger in it's gallery.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Papillon Stories

This was sent to me from Germany. It speeks for itself.

Your Papillon Stories


I don't know if its what you are looking for as funny stories and I also don't have a picture of it but Bee walked out of the room one time for a couple minutes and just about the time I was going to check on her she came out with the rest of the roll of toilet paper from the holder and hadn't chewed it up but came trotting out of the bathroom so proud into the living room just carrying the toilet paper roll in her mouth with ten feet of toilet paper dragging behind her. It was one of those funny moments I should of taken a picture it made me laugh and I just picked her up and said "What'd you do!!"


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your Papillon: over- or under weight?

Your Papillon should not be over- or under weight. Both cases can be a sign of ill health, or it will lead to ill health.
If you don't know if your Papi is over- or under weight, here is what to do:
Run with your hands on both sides along his mid section (ribs). Feel the ribs? If you don't, your dog is surely over weight. Are the ribs very, very pronounced? Feel every little bit of them? Your Papi is clearly too thin.
So: you should feel the Papillons ribs, but they should not protrude too much.
Road's End Mickey

Your Papillon Stories

Hello there:
I need your input. Have some funny, happy, grand stories to tell of your Papillon? Or a funny photo?
Please e mail them to me: antje@roadsendpapillons.com  , and I will approve them and post them here on my blog for others to read / see.
Hope to hear from you.....


"Snickers Delight", I named the girl,( white/red/sable) because she has right now exactly the color of a Snickers.
"Strammer Max" is the boys name.( Tri-color) If you are not German, then you can call him "Max".

Strammer Max, left, Snickers Delight right
Max top, Snickers below
Mostly Strammer Max

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Our Gina gifted us with 2 little babes.
DOB 6-22-10
One boy, and one girl.

Multi CH Gracia Gina vom Cavalierchen
Int./Multi CH Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen

Monday, June 21, 2010

Papillon Breed Standard

The AKC Breed Standard for Papillons calls for a heights between 8 -11 inches.
That is in this little breed quite a difference.
Her is a sample of Quarter Man, my biggest Papillon @ 10+1/2 inches, (29 cm) (the red/white Papi),
and the second of my smallest Papillons, the 8 Months old Stenley @ 9+1/2 inches,(24 cm) (.(black/white) At 8 Months, Stenley is full grown.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Road's End Naughty Nana

Nana, now @ 8 Months

Int./Multi CH tiger Man vom Cavalierchen.
Nanu Nana von den Kolibris.
Both parents are imported from Germany.

Satori's Cowboy Casanova

Our Cowboy is now 6.5 Months old.

Picollo Pete's Departure

Pete with his new family.
Saying "good by" to Pete. We miss you so terribly much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old Masters

William Hogarth (Brittish Painter 1697-1764)
" Portrait of a Young Girl " ( 1742 - 45 )

Spot Cleaning your Papillon

Cornstarch does a great job. Spray, or moisten the soiled area  on your dog and apply cornstarch. Leave it over night and brush it out on the following day.
Cornstarch is a natural cleaning product, no chemicals here!!
Make sure you cover your Papis eyes and nose. Don't let him inhale the dusty particles.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Papillon Dog Potty Training II (continue)

Like all puppies, your Papillon puppy will have to go potty right after eat, sleep and play, and then some.
  • First you have to go with him to  bring him to a designated spot, which you will return every time he has to go.
  •  Reward him with pets, or even with a tiny treat when business is done. Speak while you pet him, say for example "good potty". Say that phrase every time you go out with him to do his business. He will learn that phrase just as good as his name, and you can use it eventual as a command!!
  • Think about the surface a little, if your pap is a female. She squats, and tall grass, or tall mounts of mud is not a very inviting place for her to go.
  • Confine him to a small place (crate) when he sleeps, so, in case you are not right there when he wakes up, he does not have the run of the house. Pick him up ,when he is very young, and carry him 'till you get to the outside near  the spot. When he gets a little older and better, you walk with him to the outside spot. Take a lead!!
This applies especially if you have to travel a set of stairs. Do not carry him too long, or he will expect you doing this all the time.(He has got you trained!!) Let him walk as much as possible, and make him walk most of that distance from where he is to the potty spot (with the lead) .

  •  Feed him in that same small area (crate) all times and right after a relaxed meal, and a little bit of rest,   take him out just like if he had slept in it.
  • Play time is different, but don't give him the whole house.Give him a room, or a section of a room. Take him with you from room to room, but section it off , unless it's already a very small room.
  • Watch for signals he gives when he has to go out. He will kind of restlessly run around sniffing the ground.
  • Never punish your Papillon for the mistake he makes. Just bring him out.
I spray diluted vinegar (50-50%) on the cleaned surface where he did his mistake. It cleans, and the smell of vinegar is not liked by your puppy. (With hope, he will not return to that mistake- spot!)

  • Give your Papillon 3 meals per day, but emphasize his main meals early morning and lunch.Go light and little at night, so his belly is not burdened by all that food. He will sleep better without having to go to potty !!
Will continue.