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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Papillon Nail Clipping

It's a pain in the butt....and not easy.
Before you make an attempt, it's best to go either to a vet, or groomer to show you how to do this task.
If you have a Papillon with dark/black nails, then you really can't see the "quick", the part, where the blood vein stops. so you have to take a guess, barely clip of the top. You want to not clip too close to the quick, it pinches them badly, and you certainly do not want to get into the blood vein. It will bleed!! have your "Quick Stop" ready, available at pet shops. If you don't have Quick Stop, then flower is next best to stop the bleeding.
I use regular human toenail clippers on the Papis, and the smaller version, nail clippers for puppies. It works very well.
Also, when the time comes, that your dog must have it's teeth cleaned/scaled at the vets, make sure to request to cut the nails way down while under.