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we follow limited vaccination guidelines.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

12 Week old Papillon Puppies:

First snow for
Van Gelis Zahr & Zanzibar @ 12 weeks.

Monday, February 27, 2012

CH/BA Road's End Snickers Delight

Our Snickers received her International Championship in Ridgefield/WA, Feb 11/12, 2012.

INTCH, NatBACH Road's End Snickers Delight
Here are her parents:

Nat, Multi CH Gracia Gina vom Cavalierchen

INT, Multi CH Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Toys for Papillons, Phalenes

Toys for Papillon Dogs:
Most adult Papillons are not so aggressive in their chewing habits, but puppies are.
All puppies chew, and have the physical need of chewing, especially in teething time.
For them, everything is attractive and appetizing; your shoes, your carpet; the range is endless.
So, get good quality, indestructible toys; of course, Toy Dog size.

  • Many small dogs take the stuffing right out of the stuffed toy, and this , when ingested, can be very harmful.

Your puppy can choke, or become very ill.

  • Puppies also remove easily the squeaker right out of his brand new squeaky toy. And it can be swallowed, which is also very dangerous.
  • Rawhide bones are good, when they are bigger than their mouth are. But if you have a nice carpet in your home,be aware,  it can make a sticky mess on your carpet, or rug!!
  • Natural bones can splinter into sharp, pointed pieces, and are therefor extremely dangerous.

I recently purchased this toy:
Jolly Pet Monster Mouth (Toy Dog)

My dogs love it, especially with some nice goodies in it's mouth!!
Pet Smart also got a good line of Kong Toys, all great for your Butterfly!!

Skeletal Structure & Internal Organs of the Papillon

Skeletal Structure
Internal Organs

p.s. I scanned both images out of the book:  "Papillon" (Kennel Club Book)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Toxic Flowers, Plants for Papillons ,Toy Breeds + other Dogs

Some of our beautiful flowers are highly toxic , if ingested by our 4 legged friends.
A reaction to ingesting them range from abdominal pain, vomiting, convulsions and even death.
So, sometimes we have to make decisions between our pet, flower, or plant.
Here is a list of them:
Bird of Paradise
Calla Lily
Cardinal flower
Castor bean
China-berry tree
Dumb cane
Dutchman's breeches
Elephant's ear
Lily of the Valley
Mescal bean Nushrooms
Prunus species
Yellow Jasmine
Yews, Taxus species

10 Months old Papillon: Road's End Anelli

As you see on the following post our Pepe, then and now, here you are seeing his sister Anelli, then and now:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 months old Papillon: Road's End Acini di Pepe

Our Pepe then and now.
When he was a tiny babe, he had to wear a "Breathe Right" (Band) in his ear for a couple of days.
He had a nick in his ear, as some puppies born have this condition.
Pepe is now 10 months old.
(2X Certificate of Performance, BOB/Puppy, SG1 (Feb 11/12/2012)

8 Months old Papillon

New photos of  Estelle, sent by her family in Oregon.
Estelle is now 8 months old.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Expected Phalene + Papillon Puppies in April 2012

We are expecting puppies this coming April 2012. One litter of Papillon Babes, and one litter of Phalene Babes.

11 week old Papillons

 Anelli has become a great pet sitter for our Valentines Butterflies.
Road's End Anelli, 10 months
VanGelis Zahr + Zanzibar: 11 weeks
(These puppies belong to Road's End, they are not available. But we are expecting puppies in April. See post above.)