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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Toys for Papillons, Phalenes

Toys for Papillon Dogs:
Most adult Papillons are not so aggressive in their chewing habits, but puppies are.
All puppies chew, and have the physical need of chewing, especially in teething time.
For them, everything is attractive and appetizing; your shoes, your carpet; the range is endless.
So, get good quality, indestructible toys; of course, Toy Dog size.

  • Many small dogs take the stuffing right out of the stuffed toy, and this , when ingested, can be very harmful.

Your puppy can choke, or become very ill.

  • Puppies also remove easily the squeaker right out of his brand new squeaky toy. And it can be swallowed, which is also very dangerous.
  • Rawhide bones are good, when they are bigger than their mouth are. But if you have a nice carpet in your home,be aware,  it can make a sticky mess on your carpet, or rug!!
  • Natural bones can splinter into sharp, pointed pieces, and are therefor extremely dangerous.

I recently purchased this toy:
Jolly Pet Monster Mouth (Toy Dog)

My dogs love it, especially with some nice goodies in it's mouth!!
Pet Smart also got a good line of Kong Toys, all great for your Butterfly!!