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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Have a look at this wonderful Papillon blog from my friend in Japan.
Not only does it have beautiful images from her own Papillons, she also just posted a few of my new Web Graphics Paps.

Chiffon Fairies

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dogsbutter Peanut Butter for Dogs Recall

Dogsbutter Peanut Butter for Dogs Recall

4-5 Week old Papillon Puppies

Muskat (Girl) + Muscadet (Boy) this morning.
@ 4.5 weeks

(Girl) Muskat will be going to Canada.
(Boy) Muscadet is available.

4 Weeks old Papillons

Actually 4 weeks + 3 Days.
No words needed.
Click to enlarge!!!

Small Dog Non- Anesthetic Dental Cleaning, Ultrasonic Scaling & Polishing

I recently had posted this article on this blog, concerning regular teeth cleaning routines for our small friends.

And someone left a valuable message related to this article:
"we've had excellent results from non-anesthetic teeth cleaning available through our vet".
Yes, these wonderful options are available in bigger cities, at various parts in the USA.
I advise you to seek these veterinarian services out in your area.
But I also do want to point out that you make sure to go to a licensed veterinarian. As I researched this procedure, I stumbled over plenty of complaints, and health problems, when pet owners did not seek a licensed establishment.
Here are some articles you may want to click on and read before you decide:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Papillons are great Dancers

Papillon, Phalene Dogs, Toy Breeds & routine Teeth cleaning, Tooth Scaling

Often I hear that a Papillon owner looses their beloved pet over a routine teeth cleaning (tooth scaling) during the anesthesia.
I had numerous puppy buyers in my years of Papillon breeding, who came to buy a puppy because their previous dog , even younger dogs, did not wake up from their given anesthesia.

Papillon, Phalenes and other Toy Breeds are among those who require special monitoring while under an anesthetic because their blood pressure drops too quickly or their heart function becomes impaired.

I encourage you to teach your small dog to except a toothbrush, and offer him dental chews, and rawhide bones often.

Papillons & Anesthesia
Papillon Dental Care 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Road's End Papillons owned by Others

New photos from one of our last years litters: Road's End Boulee.
Boulee is now 1 + 1/2 year old. He lives in Oregon.

This is a photo of him when he was 10 weeks old:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Road's End Papillon Girl

Mattie, now 5 years old:

Walzing Mathilda vom Cavalierchen

Road's End Papillon Moms

Papillon Moms getting their hair slowly back. Most of my moms get stripped post pregnancy/delivery, and they are getting puppy food along with their babes, instead of regular adult food. Puppy food has a slightly higher protein content, which is needed for hair growth.

Road's End Jimmy Bond

Jimmy is a young men now, or at least he sees himself that way.
Jimmy Bond @ 4.5 months:

Road's End Anelli

Anelli, our smallest of all, not quite 3 LBS, 8" tall, and 1+1/2 years old:

8 Week old Papillon Puppy

Daddy's Boy:
Have a look @ this little guy's expression:
I would say, almost a copy-cat of his dad.
Luminous Lucca is now 8 weeks old.

Dad: IntCH, UKCCH Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen

Luminous Lucca @ 8 weeks