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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Road's End Snow-Ball-Collection

These snow balls are all "glued" to poor Gina. We had to carry her in, she could not walk anymore!!

Road's End Papillons: our Boys

CH/JA Satori's Cowboy Casanova

Mr. Stenley vom Cavalierchen

Road's End Mickey

We are saying a good- by to our Mickey, to retire with his new family in Canby, Oregon.
My heart is akin......
Hi Antje!

Mickey is doing fine. He and Sadie are getting along without any problems at all. Sadie is delighted to have a new friend. Mickey had a great trip home but he’s still a little unsure of what is going on. He fell asleep on both of our laps. He’ll be sleeping with us at night, but I did go out and get him a bed to nap in during the day if he wants to. He has already made a big spot in our hearts and we love him tremendously. I’m sure you feel a big loss, but please know that we’ll take real good care of him.

Joel and Margi

p.s: The night went well with him. He stayed in bed the entire night. He’s checked out the whole house and yard. His favorite spot is my favorite chair. He’s a smart dog.

Road's End Phalene: Blitz

Blitz this morning on a cold + windy day, his 3rd day @ Road's End: