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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Missing, or Extra Teeth in Papillons Dogs Phalenes,Teeth Development, Dental Care.

Dogs may be born with extra teeth, and it can cause periodontal disease from over crowding.
Missing teeth can occur any area in the mouth, but usually the premolar area will have a missing tooth.
 Even if a few are missing, as long as the dog is behaving and eating normally, this may not be a problem. Sometimes a missing tooth is trapped below the gum line and is not erupting.
X rays can be taken as far as 10 weeks of age to see if there is a hidden tooth.
Missing or extra teeth are considered a genetic defect, but usually does not affect the health of the dog.

Teeth Development in your Papillon:
3 Months: Puppy Incisors begin to fall out

4 Months: Adult Canines and Molars start to come in
6 to 7 Months: Adult Molars Come In
7 to 8 Months: Full Adult Teeth