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Monday, December 28, 2020


Hi Antje,

My sister Bianca had a birthday last week and now it’s my turn.  I’m 3 years old today!  Look how much I’ve changed too!

I am trying hard to be a good big sister.  I have taught Bianca how to do the laundry…. It’s best when it is still warm!  My other job is making sure our family knows that we have deliveries at our door.  I can hear the Amazon and UPS trucks coming down our street and I “tell” everyone until the driver drops the package at our door.  Sometimes when I’m outside on our deck I can greet the driver coming up the steps!

I am pretty small, only 4 ½ lbs and very dainty, but I can wrestle Bianca for toys and I am still faster than she is. And I can out maneuver her….. I can fake her out every time!  I love to be

I am happy and healthy and looking forward to being able to travel with my family soon.

Thank you for giving me a healthy life!

Happy Birthday to me!



Seme is a very special little girl.  So sweet tempered and patient and smart beyond description. We are grateful everyday that she is ours to snuggle and love!

Thank you so much!

Doug and Sherl

Semilla, 3 moths old

Sunday, December 27, 2020

 Girl Poppy lives in Central Oregon.

Great photo credited to the owner.

"GingerSnap" send her greetings from Texas.

Lovely photo done by the owner.

Greetings from Violette + Leo, Christmas 2020

These two Road's End Papis live in CA.

Monday, December 21, 2020

 All current puppies are now reserved for their future homes.

We are expecting one more litter for this season late January 2021.

This litter will have only a very limited number of whelps, as Barbina is a first-time-mom.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Greetings From A Road's End Papillon

 Dear Antje!

Oh how time flies!  I am 1-year old today!

 Look how much I have changed.  I think I look like my dad, but I am smaller as I only weigh a little over 6 lbs.  My fur is very white and sparkles in the sun like glitter.  I have just a tiny bit of black around my mouth and a few dark hairs on the back of my ears.  I am really just starting to get fringe on my ears, but I have a long mane and my tail….. well it is almost as big as me!  It looks like the plume on a drum majorette’s hat!  I pretty proud of my tail and am really good at swishing it over my back when I walk.  Mom says I strut!

 My favorite toys are squeaky balls and I have one with me nearly all the time.  Dad throws it for me for hours and even though my sister, Semilla, tries to get to it first, I always win!  I am a good sleeper too and I can sleep just about anywhere.  I just learned that I fit perfectly inside the guitar case! 

 Seme and I are best friends and we do everything together.  She teaches me all kinds of good things and showed me how to hide under the bed when it’s bath time.

 I am very happy and healthy and thankful to you for giving me a good home to grow up in.

 Merry Christmas to you and my papillon family!




Bianca is such a joyous little girl.  She is curious, mischievous, and so very loving.  We are grateful that you allowed us to be her human parents.

Our best to you and yours!

Sherl and Doug

Bianca 3 weeks old

Bianca and Semilla are two Road's End Papillons.


Thursday, December 17, 2020

 Papillon girl Annika is getting ready to celebrate her 3rd Birthday with her buddy.

Annika lives in Portland Oregon.

 Road's End Bavette.

1.5 years old.

 Hi, Antje: Happy holidays from California! I saw on your website that Pigeon's mother just had a litter of five. Congratulations--I hope they grow up to be even half as wonderful as our little guy. He is remarkable--a lovable and clever problem solver who can figure out how to open doors by pressing his paws against them. He is 2.5 years old now and the very best companion we could imagine. Thank you again for him!--Michelle

Friday, December 11, 2020

Road's End Litter Arrival

 Our Windy delivered us a litter of 5 pups last night.

Mom, babes and me, all exhausted but otherwise well.

They are all of tri color, which will show up with growth and development.

None of them are black/white

These babes will be posted as available when they are a little older.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Available Papillon Dogs

 Any available puppies/dogs are to be seen HERE.

Please read the entire page before inquiring.

Thank you. 

Kibble is Kibble

Kibble is Kibble is STILL Kibble!By Dr Jeannie Thomason

.....Let's be perfectly clear right here, that processed pet food, (no matter what brand, no matter how much it costs, if the ingredients are organic, or nothing more than road kill and euthanized animals) all ends up the same way - nutritionally DEAD and void of any true nutrition. That's right, it does not matter what "raw materials" you start out with; whether it is premium, grass fed, organic beef, lamb or what have you, the final product is pretty much the same as the cheapest kibble you can buy at the grocery store. .......

Kibble: Why It’s Not A Good Option For Your Dog

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Natural Health Care + Diet Guidelines for your Puppy’s First Few Weeks

On this Post (Page) I want to focus on your puppy’s natural healthcare and diet for the first few weeks. It is not intended to talk about leash -, or potty training. The goal is to make the transition for your puppy from our home, or the breeder you chose, to your home, as easy and stress- less as possible. This post (page) will also be continuously up-graded, changed, added on, and you can see, if you followed my blog for many years, that it contradicts numerous earlier tips, and recommendations. My outlook in caring for my Butterfly flock has drastically changed, and the positive results are just incredible. The following recommendations/guidelines are just my guidelines, as I am an advocate of natural healthcare , for all creatures, humans, and pets.

I want to see that your puppy has a healthy start, to set stone for a long, happy and energetic life, you and your puppy both love and cherish.
The puppy you are taking home from Road’s End is already eating a Raw Meat Diet (click on the link to get to the Raw Meat page)
Be prepared to continue with the same diet, and have your menu planed beforehand. If you have a grinder you can grind chicken necks, and wings to give to the puppy, and only offer an occasional chicken neck as a "recreational bone". Some 9-10 week old puppies already eat small chicken necks. Small means: not too small to choke on , but still of a fairly small,  skinless size.
I feed a puppy 3 times / day, and hope you will continue, till he is 4-5 months old, or depending on his size,  if he is a skinny type pup, or a little eating machine. If he gulps down his food at every meal he gets, put a small ball in his dish, so he has to work harder to get to the food.
You will also get a small amount of food to take with you, when you are picking your puppy up from us.

Changing your puppy's diet from kibbles, or any commercial diet to RAW:

Get some of the kibble the puppy was raised, mix meat, egg, yogurt, DE with the kibbles, and serve small meals often. Reduce kibbles gradually every day.

There are some other items you should have prior to your puppy pick-up:

  • DE (Diatomaceous Earth)
You can buy 100% food-grade DE at Amazon, and other places on line.

  • Nutri Cal, or Caro Syrup. Your puppy may get depressed or stressed, and refuses to eat. This will keep his blood sugar up, and may prevent to get hypoglycemic. Follow the instructions by putting a pea size amount on your finger tip, and insert it in his mouth-pouch.
(Available in pet stores or also from amazon)

When you are going home with your new puppy avoid wanting to give it a “bath” right away.  The puppy is already taxed with all new issues. A bath would stress him out too much, and you will end up with a pup with  diarrhea, or runny stool, which brings more stress and possible dehydration on your dog. (See below) Let him bond to you, and enter a more quiet home, when you get back ;not have 20 children, grand parents, neighbor,s all wanting to hold him and hug him-; and let him sleep when he is getting tired. Puppies sleep a lot!

Stress Diarrhea

It is very stressful for any dog or puppy to go to a new home.   While some dogs and puppies just seem to “fit”right in to their new homes and life styles, others get gastric problems, and develop diarrhea. Please be patient with your dog. Provide him/her a quiet corner to rest/sleep.
 Dehydration is the biggest worry with any diarrhea so please be sure your dog is drinking, even if he/she doesn't feel like eating.
I use a small syringe (no needle), or an eyedropper, filled with water and a tiny bit of brown molasses. Molasses has wonderful properties, and helps to keep the blood sugar stable.

  • Diarrhea Remedy:

 A tiny amount of plain Greek yogurt, or probiotics, added to the menu is helpful with treating upset stomachs 
and/or diarrhea.  
Canned pumpkin is also known to help treat diarrhea. Feed your Papillon ¼ Teaspoon, to help form firm stools.

  • Sample Diet for Gastric Problems:

Lean meat, such as beef heart, skinless turkey breast, skinless white meat from chicken.
twice/day, no later than 5-6 PM in the evening.

Feed about 2-3 ounces/day to a 5 LBS dog.

  • Herbs:   Relaxant, Anxiety Relieve, Stress Remedy:

Chamomile. A few drops of Chamomile from a tincture, or tea added to the puppies food, or inserted in his cheek with a needle-less syringe, or eyedropper.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Dogs and Rice and Vegetable

I keep hearing quite often that people feed their dogs rice with vegetable and perhaps cooked chicken.
Here is what I learned quite some time ago, and researched, resulting in a diet I provide my Papillons, made out of mostly fresh meat,some bone,  and small amounts of dairy and vegetable.


Rice belongs in the group of starches. Starches are a form of highly concentrated carbohydrates.
Dogs have no need for carbohydrates, which are an incomplete source of protein. Dogs need  good quality sources of proteins and fats  for building , and maintaining healthy muscle, bones, cell tissue;  which are given in a variety of fresh meats.
Cooked rice may be beneficial for an occasional dog suffering from diarrhea, but given on a regular base could lead to nutritional deficiency, and long term health consequences.
Look at rice as a "Filler". And "fillers" should definitely be avoided.

  • Starchy foods include:

Peas, corn, potatoes, beans, pasta, rice and grains


Here a nice chart for a quick look what your dog should be eating:



Please click on all the links above. Get informed, and start today by going to the store , getting a little bit of any quality meat, and offer it to your four-legged friend.
There is nothing better you can do by providing him fresh food, which you cut up in (small) parts, according to the size of your dog.
And serve!!