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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Greetings From A Road's End Papillon

 Dear Antje!

Oh how time flies!  I am 1-year old today!

 Look how much I have changed.  I think I look like my dad, but I am smaller as I only weigh a little over 6 lbs.  My fur is very white and sparkles in the sun like glitter.  I have just a tiny bit of black around my mouth and a few dark hairs on the back of my ears.  I am really just starting to get fringe on my ears, but I have a long mane and my tail….. well it is almost as big as me!  It looks like the plume on a drum majorette’s hat!  I pretty proud of my tail and am really good at swishing it over my back when I walk.  Mom says I strut!

 My favorite toys are squeaky balls and I have one with me nearly all the time.  Dad throws it for me for hours and even though my sister, Semilla, tries to get to it first, I always win!  I am a good sleeper too and I can sleep just about anywhere.  I just learned that I fit perfectly inside the guitar case! 

 Seme and I are best friends and we do everything together.  She teaches me all kinds of good things and showed me how to hide under the bed when it’s bath time.

 I am very happy and healthy and thankful to you for giving me a good home to grow up in.

 Merry Christmas to you and my papillon family!




Bianca is such a joyous little girl.  She is curious, mischievous, and so very loving.  We are grateful that you allowed us to be her human parents.

Our best to you and yours!

Sherl and Doug

Bianca 3 weeks old

Bianca and Semilla are two Road's End Papillons.