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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Puppy girl Black Velvet- (Xabi) left us recently to be with her new family.
It took her next to no time to "live in".
Here a few precious photos of her, sent by the new mom:

We are a little small for this tub

So, we are moving here.

Some of these Butterflies are available.

Available Papillon Puppy

Sweet (Boy) Chagall  , born 9-10-14 is still looking for a home, and can leave any time.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Road's End Papillons in Agility Performance

This is Road's End Pirates Black Beard (aka Tango), Brother to our Black Bart (Barti).
Tango lives in CA.
Here a note from the owner of Tango:

I am not good at taking photos and we moved twice this year so it has been hectic for us but I wanted to send you a couple of photos of Black Beard (Tango) in his first NADAC Agility Trial.  He came home with quite a few blue ribbons, most in their new Intro category but 2 of them were at the Novice level.
He is exactly the agility dog we hoped he would be.  Fun and fast - he loves it and everyone in his classes love him.  What a guy!

Poster Child Road's End Black Magic

Girl Black Magic @ 12 weeks:

Heads up today:

(Boy) Chagall- 10 weeks - available

(Girl) Artemis- 4.5 months

(Girl) Black Magic - 12 weeks

(Boy) Black Fusion 12 weeks- available

(Girl) Croissant - 10 weeks

(Girl) Zucker- 4.5 months 
Charmeur- 10 weeks
P.s. sorry about the water mark- Treasured Feathers" I do have a site with that name, and it caters to my ornamental poultry.
Have a look if you like:   Road's End Treasured Feathers, and  click on like, if you do!!
Errand day, and these 2 are the privileged ones for the day:

Front: Black Magic, rear: Sugar Babe (Zucker)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kibble: Never A Good Option

by  in Featured Articles

Click here to read the entire article.

Road's End Papillon Model for Martha Stewart Pets

This is Road's End Magic modeling for Martha Stewart Pets.
Magic lives in Arizona,and has a very successful Agility career.

Hazelbaker Papillons Rescue Effort

On December 7,2014 there will be an auction of Papillons from a breeder in Blanchard, Oklahoma. This is the Hazelbaker Papillons. One of these older dogs now almost 11 years old. Was a papillon I sold her in 2005. At that time she was showing papillons. 
I am asking for help from everyone to save not only mine but the 39 or so papillons. Many adults and about 16 puppies. They are being sent to an auction which is run by a dog sale auction house.  These papillons will most likely be bid on by the commercial breeders and what some call puppy mills. Many these are females and are AKC registered which makes them very desirable to the commercial market. Many papillon breeders and lovers and papillon rescues are giving their time and homes to these paps.  What we need are the funds to outbid the commercial breeders to give these Papillons the forever homes they deserve.  No Papillon or any breed of dog should have to live their lives as a breeding animal all its life.
Please help. No matter how small of a donation ,every dollar counts towards the safety of these beautiful babies.
Will be setting up a facebook page to go to for ongoing information
Thank You for your donation
Lorelei and and all the Papillon Lovers

There are 44 Papillons in Oklahoma who might just be getting this for Christmas... Life in a Puppy Mill....Please donate at http://www.gofundme.com/htt494 to help save them from Puppy Mills.

Please click here to help. Thank you

Monday, November 24, 2014

Story of Cue Tip + Croissant:

 We are not making it quite over the top

 Better now- with a pillow under us

 High + above

 Not sure if we like it

Ohhhh, we love the attention!!