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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Road's End Papillons owned by Others

New pics from Black Velvet, who recently got pickeSd up by her new family. It did not take very long to be best buddies with the older Pap member of the house,Sophie; and she got to experience her first snow.
Velvet lives in Central Oregon.
Here a encouraging statement for all of you, from the owner:

Hi Antje, 

I have never seen such a strong, agile, alert, and smart pup as Xabi ( Velvet).  We got Sophie as a pup at the same age - and it took Sophie months to be able to negotiate the one step in our house!  Xabi launches herself off of the step and even the <10" step off the back deck at the same age - she is a wunder dog !!!!
  I totally attribute this difference to the fact that you have always fed your pups a raw diet - and Sophie had to suffer with kibble due to my ignorance.  I feel as if I have been starving my poor Sophie for 5 years !!!   
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and helping me understand the importance of a raw diet!!  Several of my friends have switched their dogs to raw - and all of my family has as well.  What a difference!!!!!   
 A nice side benefit is Sophie's previously stinky breath has gone away on the raw diet.  I had her teeth cleaned when she was 2 because of the horrible stench!  The vet told me her teeth were pristine - and did not understand why her breath stank so badly.  It is horribly sad to now know how misguided vets are ( they are supposed to be the animal specialists) - and to know that they are not interested in the fundamental health of the dog. A raw diet would have cured the stinky breath, and I would not have had to risk anesthesia !!!   
It is very easy to feed raw food - and I feel like I am giving my pups the best nutrition available. I went to the local pet store and read the ingredients on the all of the puppy food packages -  the most protein of any available package was <38%.  Even the packages that said "all natural" had fillers and grain - ugh !!!  The cheapo stuff is full of chemicals!  It is all poo !!!!!!

It is truly sad and misleading what is being sold as dog food -  but I will be forever grateful to you for helping me understand the difference!

Thank you for allowing your beautiful puppy to join our family - and for showing me how to provide true nutrition to my pups !

Puppy Loves followed by a happy nap!

The new kitchen(above) to perfection!!