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Road's End Papillons

Our Boys

Silenzio's Brolle (Swedish Import)

NatJHA, NatCH, IntCH Road's End Acini di Pepe

 NatJHA, NatCH, IntCH Road's End Duke

                                                NatSR Road's End Pirate Black Bart

                                                               Barti's Photo Gallery

Blesk Fortuni Dendi Charm (Belarus Import)


Dendi's Pedigree- PedigreeDataBase

Our Girls

BaCH, IntCH  Road's End Snickers Delight

Snickers Gallery

Marquis Court's Fleur De Lis (Lilly)

Lilly's Gallery

Road's End Madame Mimi

Mimi's Gallery

Road's End Princess Pip

Pippin's Photo Gallery

Pippin's Pedigree, Pedigree Database

Retired-, deceased Papillons, and-, or  currently living with other Families

IntCH Road's End Ore'O  

IntCH, UKCCH Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen (Import

NatCH Road's End Fraskati   

Road's End Jasinthe (Min) 

Van Gelis Zanzibar (Swedish Import)

Quarterman von den Kolibris   

IntCH , NatCH, Mr. Stenley vom Cavlierchen

Ponda's Vroni Velvet Vampire (German Import)

Walzing Mathilda vom Cavalierchen (German Import)
(lives with us)

NatCH, UKC CH Gracia Gina vom Cavalierchen (German Import)

Nanau Nana von den Kolibris (German Import)

Petite Praline von den Kolibris (German Import)

Praline never had any litters, and was spayed at a fairly early age.