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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Road's End Papillons-Owned by Others

Zoltan has left us today, to live with his new family in Beaverton, Oregon.
Always sad this moment.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

4 Year old Papillon: Petit Praline von den Kolibris (spayed)

Our Petite Praline, as beautiful as it possibly can be.
 She was spayed about 6 months ago. Here one can clearly see, how much fuller and better the hair coat of a neutered Papillon /Phalene is.

7 Months old Phalene

Blitz, our Phalene youngster is now 7 months old.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Papillon Puppy poisoned by " pet friendly" product.

To all Papillon owners, and all pet owners, this can happen to anyone + at any time. Here is the story written by Road's End Zarina's owner:

 I asked our local Garden Center what I should use for slugs and snails since I had papillons. They said this Sluggo product was pet friendly.
 I sprinkled it around some iris, strawberries, and hostas in my yard earlier this week. Today, I put the dogs outside with some water. They have plenty of shade and I was keeping an eye on them from the kitchen window. I couldn't see Zarina so went outside and she was laying under the patio table and with vomit next to her. She had also pooed. She was unresponsive and glassy eyed so I scooped her up and took off for the closest vet which is about 5 minutes from my house. I kept shaking her a little bit as I drove and telling her to hang on. I was so scared. The vet's office was really good and got her in right away and started checking her vitals. Her little tongue was hanging out the side of her month and her gums were pale and she was foaming a bit at the mouth.

She vomited a couple more times which was good because they were going to give her something to make her vomit, so they didn't have to do that. Then they gave her something to stop her from vomited and started giving her fluid to rehydrate her tissue. Then they gave her some liquid charcoal to swallow which she didn't like at all so they alternated with a little Karo syrup. We were all covered in gooey charcoal by the time we got most of it in her.
They gave me Diazepam to give her if she started to have tremors. So far I haven't had to use any of the Diazepam and I just checked her temp which was 100.2. She's been sleeping pretty much since I brought her home around 5:00. She's vomited some of the water she's drank mixed with the charcoal.
The vet said it looked like it was caught in time not to have caused any neurological problems. Thank Goodness! We could see the Sluggo pellets in her vomit so it's pretty obvious that's what caused it.
My heart was still pounding when I came home from the Vet. Oh, and one funny thing she did.........we have a little water dish and a big one. When she got home she went to the large water dish and stepped in it and laid down in the water all curled up. Not sure why she did that. It was just strange to see her do that.

I will never ever use anything like that again anywhere in my yard, I went out tonight and scraped up every bit of it I could find and threw it away.
I will keep you posted on how she's doing.

Zarina is definitely feeling better this morning. She ate a little breakfast and is more alert, but still not her usual "tearing through the house" self. But I expect it will take a couple days for her to regain her energy. I'm just staying at home and watching her close. I feel so bad that she had to go through this. I should have known better no matter what the product said.

My conclusion is, and was: if it kills any animal, it will do harm to you, or your 4-legged friends.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

6 Week old Phalene (Papillon) Puppies

Kalis Puppies today, @ 6 Weeks:

Girl Estelle

Boy Epcot

Girl Eclaire

Mom:  Kali

Dad:  Cowboy

3 Months old Papillon: Road's End Boulee

Boulee, now 3 months old.

Travel Oregon (Papillon Style)

A wonderful sight-seeing day trip with two of our Papillons.
Believe me, the hardest thing to do is to have to leave the rest at home, and to choose the ones who come along.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 Weeks old Phalene + Papillon Puppies

Kaleidoscope's (Phalene) Babes are now 5 weeks old.

Girl Estelle good chance to be a phalene


Boy Epcot, good chance to be a phalene


Girl Eclaire will be most likely Papillon.
But nothing is guaranteed!!

Road's End Papillons: Owned by Others

Road's End Truffles + Vigilante, living in North Carlina:

Front: Truffles, back Vigilante

 Vigilante then

Vigilante now

Vigilante @ 10 Months

Friday, July 22, 2011

P-Cocks @ Road's End Farm

Our new Pea Cock Babe:

10 Week old Papillon: Road's End Duke

Can't stop taking pictures of this beautiful little guy.
Duke is now 10 weeks old and weighs 1+3/4 LBS
(Click on the photos to see them enlarged.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 -12 Week old Papillon Puppies

Puppy Play: our smallest ones @ a serious game.
You can always click on the image to make it larger.

Road's End Ore'O

Ore'O lost all of her hair coat after her April babes, but luckily not all of her ear fringe:

4.5 Weeks old Papillons/Phalenes

Our E2 Babes, they could turn out to be Papillon,  Phalene Puppies, @ 4.5 weeks:
Boy Epcot

Girl Estelle

Girl Eclaire