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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

These two Road's End puppies' photos where sent by the owners.


Intolerance, Sensitivity to Raw Food In Dogs

I keep hearing too frequently of dogs being "allergic", "intolerant", or "too sensitive" of fresh food , as far as raw meat,when owners are trying to switch from kibbles and  canned dog food to real food.
Owners get discouraged, and skeptic,when dogs throw up right after their meals, or getting diarrhea after their new diet.
I am posting here my experience, and handling of this type situation; or what I would do if it be my dog having this type of a rejection.
In the years of my raw meat serving, I experienced never food intolerance; neither in older dogs, I had when I started, nor in the puppies I reared on raw food.    
If  a dog is older, and is in the process  to be switched from kibble , and or-, to raw, I take small steps.
Small amounts is the key to get his gut to develop the needed enzymes .
Small is the key to all feeding, especially concerning small dogs, and toy breeds. Too big amounts per meal will just bring tummy upsets = diarrhea.
Small amounts, multiple times per day if needed.
I am feeding basically 2-3 oz per meal per Papillon twice/day.
Those are mini amounts, especially if I add to each one serving several items.
My Papillons don't get to eat one egg, or all 3 oz just turkey, or beef. No, I give them 2-4 items each meal into the bowl, and now you are talking about  tea-, or table spoon sizes of something.
If my dog still would have diarrhea, or throw up, I would stepp back even further, and give lesser, more often. As much as 3-5 times/day micro amounts of food. A tiny bit of Greek Yogurt also aids to set the gut right, and helps digestion.
Dogs/Wolfes by nature eat many things, and many rotten things even. There is rarely a dog being truly "allergic" or intolerant to any food .

So, please do not get discouraged, and give up. Do not think too quickly of  allergy, or intolerance, rather think "small".
Home made bone broth is also a great add to your pet's food a few times / week. Home made, from real bones/meat is the key here, as store -bought broth is not of  recommended quality (read the label, and you will see).




Feed You Dog A Real Bone

For nice teeth, a healthy gut, cut out the dry food, provide real, fresh food and recreational bones.
Avoid any plastic bone, or coated bones purchased from a pet shop.

Friday, June 10, 2022

 This is Road's End Eliza.

Eliza lives in Oregon.

These beautiful photos where done by the owner.

Thursday, June 2, 2022