**Road's End Papillons- established in 2006
**We are advocates of raw-, fresh, "human-grade food" for our canine friends .
we follow limited vaccination guidelines.
**Please note that Road's End available Papillons are
only to be seen by clicking on the AVAILABLE page, unless mentioned otherwise

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Little (boy) Bello is still looking for a loving home. (Bello has found his new home. 8-25-2018
He can leave any time now.
Have a look HERE for more information and inquiry.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Robin Hood Perłowy Raj

Our Robby is now almost one year old.

Robin Hood Perłowy Raj   (Robby) (Import from Poland)

Fresh-, Real, Raw- a Healthy Diet for our Dogs.

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Available (boy ) Bello.
DOB 6- 26-2018
Please  inquire HERE and read the information carefully.
Requirement: Bello must stay on his diet of fresh-, real-, raw food.

Above: Piccolo @ 6 weeks

Duke's Photo Gallery

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Available Papillon Puppy Girl

Available is this precious puppy girl. (sold as of 8-9-2018)
Meet Dolce at 6 weeks.
Sweet, calm, affectionate; comes with a beautiful hair coat.
Dolce has gotten much of dad's temperament and looks.
She can leave her nest and go to a new loving home from 8-18-2018 and up.
Requirement: Dolce must stay on her diet of fresh-, real-, raw food .
Please read this information carefully:  HERE

Duke's Photo Gallery

Pippin's Photo Gallery

Monday, August 6, 2018

Available Papillon Puppy

(Boy) Piccolo, (red/sable) now 6 weeks old is available and can leave our home from 8-17 -18 on.
Piccolo today:  (reserved as of 8-7-2018)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Available Retired Papillon

Our Duke is looking for a loving home, where he can peacefully retire.
Duke, DOB: 5-5-2011, is the most affectionate, calm and sweet house dog.
He loves to sit with you, and be pampered all day long.
Clean, calm, more on the quiet side, with little barking.
He loves his diet of fresh, - real food and will want to continue this diet.

Duke's Photo Gallery

Please click HERE if you are wanting to inquire about any of our dogs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A cooler day and slightly shady makes a puppy photo shoot an enjoyment.
Our Uccellini pack at 5 weeks old age.

Uccellino Bello

Uccelino Piccolo

Uccelino Perduto