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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

The Weight of a Papillon Dog and How Much Food for the DAY

 OK, hopefully you have switched now to a diet of fresh, unprocessed, canine-specific food for your Papillon or any other dog/pet.


Let's figure out how much a Papillon should weigh, and how much food he should eat for the day.

No standard sized Papillon should weigh over 8 LBS. If he does, he is most likely overweight, or too tall, big for a Papillon with International and AKC standards.

Pet Body Condition Score

Size of an Adult Papillon

Any dog should eat two to three percent of the DESIRED bodyweight per day.

2 percent of a 7 LBS dog (good average weight of a Papillon dog) = 0.14 pounds

0.14 pounds= 2.24 ounces.  

2.24 or 2.25 ounces is how much a 7 LBS dog should consume PER DAY, split into two meals is best.

NO SNACKS, and next to no treats, and if treats, only lentil size portions, or less.

Dogs don't need snacks; they don't love you anymore because of it. You give them love by doing activities with them, cuddle them. Adding weight will lower the quality of life in them. 

Beware of snacks and treats, dental chews and such. Most of them are nothing but sugar, carbs and starches, which are ingredients NOT beneficial for your dog.

Dogs do not thrive on carbohydrates; they thrive on proteins.