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Friday, June 29, 2018

Dear Antje,
Semilla here…..I am six months old today!  I miss you and my papillon family a lot, but I am very happy here in my new home.  I am learning lots of new things and I love meeting new people, especially the little ones.  I wiggle and stand on my hind legs and give lots of kisses to everyone I meet.  I am sending you some pictures so you can see what is happening in my new world!

My favorite game is playing ball and I can run very fast.  I have a tunnel that I can chase balls through and I love racing through it to the other end.  My family thinks I might be part rabbit because I point my ears straight up and hop around our yard after bugs and butterflies.  My hummingbird friends think I am pretty interesting too and I sit very still and watch them when they hover over me.  I love to dig up worms and grubs and am so proud I take them to mom to show off…..she doesn’t seem too thrilled.  I just learned I can bark, but so far just at the doorbell and my reflection in the window.  I like to go “bye-bye” and riding in the car is fun.  I took my first overnight trip this week and got to smell all kinds of new smells and sleep in a different place that had lots of new sounds.  My mom and dad tell me I am VERY smart!

I have lost a lot of puppy teeth (I take them to mom!)  and am really growing up (I weigh just under 4 lbs).  The fringe on my ears and tail has started to grow and I am also getting a mane around my neck.  It seems like my legs and body are getting longer overnight.  Everyone tells me I am very pretty.

Bath time is not my favorite, but mom says I am cute.  After I get dried with a towel I run around the house at record speed and then have a long nap.  Naps always end with a stretch and a belly rub!

Thank you so much for raising me to be happy and healthy and for letting me have my new family! 

Happy Birthday to me!
Semilla (Seme)

Just wanted to let you know that Seme is doing well as she turns six months old.  She is such a sweet soul and we can’t even remember when she wasn’t with us.  We are so grateful that you allowed us to share our home with her.  We wake up every day thankful for her happy wiggles and kisses.

Best to you and all the paps!
Sherl and Doug

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Newborn Papillon Puppies First Day

Here are some photos of our youngest, beautiful pups.
Mom Pippin, and all babes are just doing excellent. They are small, but very vital.

Above: top - down: boy (red/sable), girl (red sable), boy (tri color) , boy (tri color)

Above: your left to right: boy, boy girl, boy

Above: your left to right: boy, boy girl, boy

I will accept by next week inquiries, possible reservations  on  two- non-chosen yet- boys out of the three there are.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Well, all done.
Pippin gifted us with 4 babes. (3 boys + 1 girl)
All wiggly and suckling.
I hope you will like boys!!
We have tri color + red/sable, although here on this photo they all look dark, or black/white. That will change in a short time.

Papillon Mom in Labor

I know, some of you can hardly wait.
Mom Pippin is in the middle of labor.
Two boys are out, and most likely there is more to come.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Troy Martin Photography and Papillons

I got to share this.
Troy Martin Photography created this lovely photo of one of his two Road's End Paps they own.
It's just lovely.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Papillon Father and Daughter at Road's End

Father and Daughter:

Blesk Fortuni Dendi Charm (Imported from Belarus)

Below: sweet little girl Poppy lives in Central Oregon:

RE Papillons owned by Others

Road's End Expecting Moms

Our expecting mom Pippin is dragging her belly, and is due anytime soon.

Pippin's Photo Gallery

Duke's Photo Gallery

Our sweet Stormy is also expecting babes.
Stormy's litter will arrive the end of July 2018

Stormy's (& her sister's) Photo Gallery

Dendi's Photo Gallery

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Here some important and valuable information concerning over vaccination of any of your pets.
Please read:

Dangerous Over-Vaccination Is On The Rise

Pet Over Vaccination

Does Your Pet Need These Vaccines?

Time for more vaccines? Think again.

Posted by Dr. Karen Becker on Friday, June 15, 2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

First ride to the feed store today.
(at 7 weeks)

(He is reserved and will be leaving us soon 😢)

Friday, June 1, 2018

MACH 3 Road’s End Hocus Focus!!!! Yes!!

Happy 6th Birthday, Bravo 

These two Road's End beauties live in Arizona.

We thought a photo of Mushu/Rascal was overdue. This was taken a couple of weeks ago at almost 5 months. We couldn't be happier with this little guy! He is smart, playful and so affectionate! 
Ann, Kyle & Lily

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