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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Feeding Starchy Foods To Your Dog

According to Dana Scott of Dogs Naturally Magazine:
“Pet food companies are recognizing our desire to move away from harmful grains. And why wouldn’t we? An overwhelming percentage of dogs suffer from yeast and skin disease.
“Grains and other starches have a negative impact on gut health, creating insulin resistance and inflammation” says holistic veterinarian, Dr Jodie Gruenstern of Dr. Jodie's Natural Pets. “It’s estimated that up to 80% of the immune system resides within the gastrointestinal system; building a healthy gut supports a more appropriate immune response. The importance of choosing fresh proteins and healthy fats over processed, starchy diets (such as kibble) can’t be overemphasized.”
Yeast is a fungus that’s always present on pets as part of the normal flora of the body, both internally and externally. When the immune system becomes over burdened, or when the dog is fed starchy foods, the yeast will proliferate in the hair follicles and throughout the body. Hence a giant out break of itching!
So, pet parents with these itchy pets want to keep them off harmful steroids and are rightfully looking at their pet’s food as a potential cause. Pet owners now know that grains high in starches feed yeast, and with the explosion of itchy pets these days, perhaps going grain-fee is the answer.
Only one problem though!
Starches are found not only in grains like rice, corn and wheat, but AS WELL in grain-free items like potatoes, tapioca, peas and sweet potatoes for example – all of those ingredients currently found in grain-free goods.
You see, there’s one really big problem with kibble: manufacturers can’t make it without starch. That starch is not only cheap to source, but it’s necessary to hold the kibble together. Without starch, your bag of grain-free dog food would be a bag of dust.
Regardless of what definition manufacturers want to classify their pet foods as, those grain-free foods, expensive veterinary allergy foods and super premium foods all have one common denominator: lots of starch!”
“Mother Earth gave us, as a species (human or pet), eight hormones to raise blood sugars and only ONE hormone (insulin) to lower it.” - Dr. Richard Patton, Animal Nutritionist
Think about it for a moment: Is nature trying to tell us something?
Today, the average human consumes at least half a pound of sugar a day. We are experiencing a disease epidemic. Our pets, unfortunately, are consuming these same carbohydrates. Almost 60% of North Americans and their pets are overweight. Diabetes and heart disease are up in both humans and pets. The cancer rate is 1 in 2 men and 1 and 3 women; the same goes for dogs and cats.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Dendi, our boy from Belarus is learning english (a little German) getting used to a new lifestyle, and a new diet. After 1+1/2 day of refusal of his meal, he eats it up now as quick as the other Paps.
He now is part of our flock and is well accepted.
Dendi is now 13 weeks old.
Below are some photos from his first day here.

Another success from P'Air.

Red Hot Rovers hosted a wonderful regionals having a crate, chairs and easy up waiting for travelers. P'Air won Performance Grand Prix and stuck all his contacts, held his start lines and gave it his all every time. So proud of him!

P'Air and his brother live in California. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Road's End Expecting Moms

June 03- Only slightly less than 7 years old, stress induced acute renal failure can certainly kill.Ore'O was a very healthy, fit, and lively girl. She was just put down, as her kidneys where beyond repair. I am devastated.

May 31-My little girl Ore'O just lost all of her 4 puppies she carried, and I just got back from the vet, where she underwent a c section, and hysterectomy. I don't have to mention how I feel about this.......

Our Ore'O is expecting babes in the first week of this coming June 2016.

The Knight in Shining Armour  is our Duke.

Road's End Paps will have a new addition.
Below is Deni (boy) at the Moscow (Russia) Airport, just a short while ago.
He has an awful long journey still ahead of him, although he already has 4 hours of traveling time behind him, as came from Belarus.
Deni will arrive in Portland, OR on Wednesday.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Papillon Club of America in Louisville, Kentucky

Packing Paps at the Papillon Club of America in Louisville, Kentucky (where the NRA convention is also going on). The first day we were getting our wheels and we were 0/3 but lots of energy for the game and I suffered from EST-itis. After a good night's sleep we Q'd in all our runs. White is the new blue!!!! I was thrilled with fourth place with these amazing handlers. 36 Mach pts in STD for a 6th place finish goes to show the Paps came with their A game.

Both dogs are from our Madame Mimi, and Acini di Pepe; P'Air is the older of the 2 brothers.
They live with their mom, and trainer/handler in California.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Reminder to mark your calendar. Please confirm your attendance by contacting me. 
Hope to see you all again.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Dash", formerly Gazpacho is now 5 months old. He lives in NC with his family.
Below a photo of him at 3.5 weeks.

And here is Dash's  sister Granada, which lives right here in Oregon.
Below a photo of her @ 3.5 weeks

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016


This little girl is still available,and looking for a home where she can get spoiled on a more individual base. She is shy at first, but will bond to her family in time; just like she does here, and she will be your best, friend, with much affection, and beauty.
She is a stay -at-home kind of a girl, and will be happy in a home with a nice yard.
MonCoeur is 4 years old, spayed, in good health, with a weight under 4 Lbs. She is very small, and dainty.

You must

  • continue with her raw meat , fresh diet
  • live in a reasonable driving distance from near Salem, Oregon

Please click on the link below to fill out an application, if you are interested.

please inquire here with your life style description 


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Papillon Dogs -the Love & Hate of Cameras

Min: "I hate cameras"

Snickers:"I love cameras"

The grass is taking over......




Praline + Snickers



Papillon Puppy: BLESK FORTUNI DENDI CHARM -Import from Belarus

Impatiently waiting for his arrival on May24/25: meet
Breeder, and photos: Alesya Ershova,Vitebsk, Belarus

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Celebrate the Breed’s History in the U.S

Fans of the Papillon Celebrate the Breed’s History in the U.S.

The first Papillon to win Best in Show in the U.S. was Eng./Amer. Ch. Offley Black Diamond, who was BIS at the Bridgewater Kennel Club show in 1936. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This is  Road's End Pap "Bravo"
Bravo lives in Arizona with his family, and it is his Birthday.

 Below: Bravo, former Jimmy Bond at 7 weeks of age.

Bravo looks so much like his dad, below, just in a tri color.