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Friday, February 4, 2022

You ask: At what age do I know, whether it's a Papillon, or a Phalene?

U ask:
At what age do you know whether it will be a Papillon, or a Phalene.
Nicolaes Maes: Portrait of a Lady, 1677
The Phalene (Drop-Ear -Version) is the original dog of the breed. So, all Papillons do carry the Phalene genes in them.
Puppies,2 Weeks
All new-born whelps have their ears down.
Between the age of 6 to 12 weeks, many of the Papillon puppies have by then erected ears.
Puppies, 6 weeks
But the change from drop- to erect ears can take up to 4 months or more. Sometimes there are puppies, who erect their ears, followed by dropping their ears. That can go on for a while. As a rule: by the time the dogs are fully grown to heights, approximately 8 months, their ears also decided where to be: up or down.
But there are cases of a much longer time span. I know for example a case, where the dog was shown in the spring as a Papillon at the age of 15 months, to be declared as a Phalene in the following autumn, age 18 months.
And she was a beautiful dog, both ways.
Blitz is a dog from a lengthy line of Phalenes

 The best way to ensure that you get the breed you want is by looking into the pedigree of the dog for its consistency of either Phalenes, or Papillons. But, as mentioned first: there is never a guarantee.

Snickers, Max's sister, is here at 8 Months, is a Papillon.

It looks like Max, here at 7 months, has decided to be a Phalene, coming out of a lengthy line of all Papillons.

Kaleidoscope is a Phalene with Phalene parents. But further down her lines are mostly Papillons.

Cowboy has a Phalene mom and a Papillon dad. His lines following parents are mixed of both breeds, but mostly Papillons.

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