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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Ask: Giardia (Canine Giardiasis) in Papillons/Phalenes

You ask: Canine giardia.
Giardia, an abbreviation of giardiasis, is to think about, or suspect, if your Papillon has diarrhea, is listless, and is loosing weight...
Giardia is a parasite, that lives in your dog's system. The infection of giardia can develop

into a serous condition, and eventually death.
Your dog suffers from malabsorption of food, looses weight, and is dehydrated from the constant diarrhea.
 Giardia is transmitted through  contact with contaminated water, food, or fecal material from an infected animal.

Giardia is found in ponds, puddles, swamps, public areas polluted  with feces.
Since Giardia is  not "host specific" or simple: crosses species, it may infect you. Sanitation is a must as in; "good hand-washing", after handling your dog..
Take a stool sample to the vet for him to check, since the symptoms of the infection are so similar to many other problems. There are several treatments available.