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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Road's End Papillons, Owned by Others

We have such great news:
Our girl Bisou was shipped of to Brazil yesterday and arrived this morning in Sao Paulo.
It was a 19 hour journey, excluding the delivery and pick-up from the airports.
But I had her new family well in formed to arrive to the airport with following items:
  • A wet T shirt (it is very hot there now, summer time)
  • Nutri Cal (in case of hypoglycemia)

Nothing needed, here the new owners statement:

Good Evening
She is finally here!! She is well, playing, she is really wonderful. She won't get off Larissa's lap, or mine. I was just typing and I was surprised by she leaping on my lap. She follows us everywhere. When the officer of the customs went with me to see her she was so happy and licked our face and finger he thought she knew us. So he lowed our taxes!
She licked the Karo, but I don't think she was hypoglycemic. She was dying for a walk!
It took me all afternoon to get her released but it was worth it.
As soon as I get some pictures I will send you.
Beste GrĂ¼sse