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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Papillon, dog had surgery , when will he have a bowel movement?

In continuation of Duke's Surgery

Duke is such a patient little guy, as if he understands, why he is confined to a crate.
He already had a good bowel movement the day after, but that brings up a good question to all of you, who have, or will have a injured dog, which had surgery.
When will my dog eventual go potty?
Many of our pets will wait on that 2-4 days after surgery.
Here are some of the reasons.
  • He did not get to eat prior surgery, and many dogs will not want to eat during their hospital stay.
  • If they get to eat @ the veterinarian, it's most likely light, highly digestible food. there is not much poop left over to eliminate.
  • Medications play a big role. They many times constipate the dog.
So, if your Papillon, dog has not have a bowel movement after 4, or latest 5 days give him a stool softener with his meal.
Example: Metamucil.  1/3 of a tsp for a 10 LBS  dog. Best in some canned  dog food.