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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Papillon Puppy Cough

Some times your little Papillon Puppy, you just adopted, will develop a "Puppy Cough".
Puppy cough can be a symptom of many dog diseases; from simple to very serious.
Before you consult the vet, which you will have to for any serious condition, you may check first on some simple irritants, and reasons why your puppy is coughing.
  • Does anyone smoke in your household? Give it up guys, or step outside to the least.
  • When was he dewormed -the last time?
Round- and hook worms, a common thing in all dogs and puppies will cause a cough when these worms as larvae are in their migration stage.
Hook-, and round worm larvae migrates via blood stream to make it to the intestine. During the migration, the larvae ends up in the lungs of the dog. He will cough it up, and then swallow it again.
So, get some puppy dewormer; available in pet shops, W'Mart, and just about everywhere else.
Read the label carefully on the back. It will tell you how often, and how much!!

These puppy photos are from our Road's End Naughty Nana, now 9 Months old.