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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Ask- When to neuter a Papillon?

  • When to neuter a Papillon?
In the US, most vets will tell you: @ 6 months of age.
In Germany many vets do not want to neuter a small dog like a Papillon before they reach 10 months of age.
Now, you make the decision: is your little guy, or girl heavy set? strong bones?, or is it one of those "Teacups" you so much desired to get? Is your dog skinny, fussy eater? Or does he gabble up everything ....
Know your own Papillon puppy, and also think about his circumstances where he lives in:
Is he by himself?, Does he has company, in terms of unneutered (intact) opposite sex?
Let's say it this way:
If I had a single Papillon puppy and the little butterfly has now uncontrolled access to other dogs, I would wait 'till I feel he has a good healthy age, where he will make it through anesthesia just fine. (That's what it is most about: Anesthesia!!)
Mr. Stenley vom Cavalierchen @ 9 Months (Imported)