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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Car Trips with you Papillon

The earlier you take your  Papillon puppy on car trips, the better.
Avoid not just going to the vet with him. Take him to a fun place, so he does not associate car riding with nasty injections and butt perking with thermometers!!
 Road's End puppies are all taken out on car rides as soon as 4-5 weeks of age.
Of course they are not let down on the street, or anything, because they have had no shots yet for parvo, etc, at that age. But they ride.
But there are some "nervous riders" who become carsick.
If yours is one of them, it helps by not feeding him prior to riding.And hopefully, as more he rides, as more he gets accustomed to it, and he will settle down.
If you have an older dog, still carsick; the matter is more difficult, and the carsickness most likely will remain.
The vet can help you out with some proper medications.
All in all: start early, give toys, small treats, or anything enjoyable to your Papillon, and he will learn to love to go on trips with you.
Most Papillons love to travel!!