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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stress Diarrhea in Dogs/ Puppies, Sample Diet for Gastric Problems, for the Raw Meat & Raw Bone Advocates:

It is very stressful for any dog or puppy to go to a new home.   While some dogs and puppies just seem to “fit”right in to their new homes and life styles, others get gastric problems, and develop diarrhea. Please be patient with your dog. Provide him/her a quiet corner to rest/sleep.
Dehydration is the biggest worry with any diarrhea so please be sure your dog is drinking, even if he/she doesn’t feel like eating.
I use a small syringe (no needle), or an eyedropper, filled with water and a tiny bit of brown molasses. Molasses has wonderful properties, and helps to keep the blood sugar stable.

Diarrhea Remedy:
 Plain yogurt, added to the menu is helpful with treating upset stomachs 

and/or diarrhea.  

Canned pumpkin is also known to help treat diarrhea. Feed your Papillon ¼ Teaspoon, to help form firm stools.

Sample Diet for Gastric Problems, for the Raw Meat & Raw Bone advocates:
Lean meat, such as beef heart, skinless turkey breast, skinless white meat from chicken , canned salmon or mackerel that has been drained.
Chicken neck , or wing (raw, with the skin removed).
Feed about 2ounzes/day to a 5LBS dog.