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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Road's End Papillons owned by Others

Good morning,
Just wanted to share our one year update on Oro (Milo).
He has been fantastic and a joy to have around. He is an adventurous little guy that has been travelling all around. He liked Yosemite and loves the beach. He loves to play in water. Milo gets along great with all the animals including or cat. He loves people especially when he convinces you that it is important his toy is thrown over and over again so he may return it to you.
I have attached a few pictures from his birthday. He has grown to a very handsome little guy that gets everyone's attention.
We have also switched over to raw meat bone diet with all our animals for a couple months now with great results.
Thank you for raising our little baby boy Milo we love him very much.
Troy & Janet

Road's End Oro @ 1 year