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we follow limited vaccination guidelines.
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Papillons: see how they live @ Road's End

We had a rainy morning; everybody gathered up inside to see what breakfast I was serving:

Oriel, above, always first in line!!

Bart, above, not too enthusiastic about the camera.

Mimi, above on the right, is naked, as she had a litter a while ago.

Above, these are the camera- haters. They are hiding.....

Above: opinionated Oriel.

Above: the kitchen tool I tossed on the floor, does get the needed attention for my photo shoot.

2 above: the Pirates siblings.

Our 4 weeks old puppies moved to their final destination: the general Pap room.

Above: beautiful Mon Coeur, and Barti.

You got to know her by now!!

Above: this is about 1/3 from our large Pap domain. That includes a wonderful singing Canary bird, and 2 Finches.

Above: Senior lady Mattie.

Above: Phalene youngster Passo.

Above: And let's not forget my handsome Pepe.