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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Papillons on Raw Meat and Bone Diet ( continued)

In continuation to my switching  from  a commercial, processed kibbles diet  to a Raw Meat + Raw Meat  Bones diet, I need to report to you that I am more pleased than I ever expected.
3 dogs of mine, which had  noticeable  Dermatitis, not induced by fleas, rather than allergies, are now free of such unpleasant experience. Their skin cleaned up, all 3 seized to lick continuously their paws, and groin area. Their hair went from red, pink, course  back to soft, silky and white.
All of my Paps had a significant improvement in the texture of their hair coat, which I thought before looked good and healthy; but now....oh mighty.
Some of my dogs, the eager bone - eaters , also have a little whiter teeth than a while back. They are on the way of removing the plaque of their teeth.
Last, not least, they all have improved energy levels, seniors act more like youngsters again, and all of them love their new diet, looking forward to their next meal or bone.

Below is a link to a wonderful article on dog food: commercial, processed, vs home diet.
A must to read.

Feeling At Home With Feeding Your Dog A Home Diet

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