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Friday, August 30, 2013

Blowing The Lid Off Over-Vaccination, Dogs Naturally

This is part 2, concerning puppy /dog vaccinations,  copied from Dogs Naturally.
Please read, it will further confirm that many vaccines last for the dog's life time, and booster shots may do more harm than they do good.
Please read the slice of the article, and click on the link to see all.

Two, as long as we're talking research, the practice of revaccinating - whether it's yearly or triennially - has zero scientific validity behind it. I know a lot of vets listened to that radio show and I saw what they were writing on social media sites and they were asking for science too. And if you go to your vet and question him on why he is still vaccinating every three years, even though Dr Schultz's work has been accessible for nearly 40 years, and even though two major veterinary associations (AAHA and AVMA) now state that the core vaccines last for at least 5 years, he will ask for the science behind your claim. I dare those vets out there to give all of us the science behind revaccination for the core vaccines. Because, to the best of my knowledge, there is none. So if you feel that Dr Schultz is right, ask your vet to see the research that proves your dog needs to be vaccinated more than once, as long as he has been vaccinated at 16 weeks of age or older. 

Don't be afraid to be an advocate for your dog - after all, he is your responsibility. You and your dog will pay the price for any medical decisions made, so why would you let somebody else take complete control over that decision? Do your research, find a vet who has the same inherent beliefs as you and take a more active role in your pet's health care! 

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