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Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to remove sticky substance: Pine Tar, Pine Sap, Paint, Gum, Tar, from Dog Fur, Hair.

If your Papillon, Phalene, Dog got into a sticky mess, like Pint Tar, Pine Sap, Tar, Paint, Gum,  don't cut his wonderful hair in a hurry. Try this remedy first:

  • You will need: Vegetable oil, Paper towels, Rubbing alcohol

                   Apply plenty of the oil to the affected hair, and let it absorb for 20-30 minutes.
If your dog is trying to eat, lick it, put a dog coat, or bandage over the area for the time being.
Corn, Canola, or any veggie oil will do, also Peanut butter, and if you have a tangled hair mess, butter or lard will even stick better to it.
After time, try to comb through the hair , by combing through small groups of hair at a time.
                    Then the paper. Remove as much sticky stuff as you can with the paper towel, by rubbing  the hair very thoroughly.
                    Next pour a little rubbing alcohol on the area . this will break the sticky mess even further down.
Comb through the hair again, and last wash the area with with a good dish detergent, or grease cutting soap.
Make sure you rinse very thoroughly after the ordeal.