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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dog's Coat, Undercoat, Fur Coat, Hair Coat, Single Coat, Double Coat

U ask:
Are Papillons double coated, difference between single coat and double coat:

A dog is either double coated or single coated.
Coat describes the hair (fur) on the dog's body.
The term hair coat describes a dog with a single coat (no under coat).
The term fur coat describes a dog with a double coat.
Under coat describes a layer of softer, lighter, down-like fur on a dog, below the coarser top layer of fur.

Most dogs shed their undercoat in the spring and grow it back for the next cold winter season.It is also referred as blowing the coat.
Many breeds shed their coat twice/year, and in some (warmer) climates, the coat (top coat + under coat) , may shed continuously and varies quantities.

The Papillon and Phalene are dogs with a hair coat (single hair coat with no under coat).