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Thursday, January 31, 2019

U-Ask: How to detect Ear Mites , in Dogs,Papillons, Phalenes

You ask:  How to detect Ear Mites , in Dogs,Papillons, Phalenes.

Ear mites are little  external parasites that can infect your dog. They live on the body and in the ears of canines, but most frequently infect the ears.
Dogs that are afflicted with ear mites will typically scratch at the ears excessively and shake their heads, even pulling out their own hair as they scratch.
Also, an infection by ear mites often produces a dark discharge, and a strong odor from the afflicted pet's ears.
If you have more than 1 dog, watch out, this type infection is highly contagious.

Dogs that are most susceptible to ear mite infections include young dogs and those that live in shelters or that have been abandoned. Puppies tend to be more susceptible because they have not yet built up any resistance to these insects. Adult dogs, only other hand, generally have developed a resistance which helps to protect them from these troublesome and irritating infections.
There are several products to treat ear mites, available in pet stores, feed stores, or your veterinarian.
Complications may arise when an animal is not treated , and has an immune hypersensitivity reaction that results in intense irritation of the external ear.
Some dogs will shake their heads so much that an hematoma of the ear will form (with blood pooling in the ear due to breakage of a blood vessel). Also a concern is when dogs will scratch at their ears to the point that damage is done to the ear canals or ear drums.