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Thursday, January 31, 2019

U Ask: When are Growth Plates closed in a Papillon, Dog,

(Original posted in 2009!!)

In continuation of Dukes Leg Fracture surgery, a frequent question comes up:
When will the growth plates close in a young Papillon, Phalene,  Dog?
The leg bones grow from areas located near their ends. These soft areas of immature bone are called growth plates. Calcium and minerals harden the soft area, and when the process of hardening is complete, growth stops. This will happen in most dogs around 12 -16 month.
Papillon dogs are to the most part full grown at around 8 months, after that they will "fill in "gain muscle, gain on weight.
Before the growth plates close, they can be injured or fractured more easily than mature bone. An injury to the growth plate can cause the bone to stop growing or to grow incorrectly.
We are very lucky, that Dukes growth plates where not injured.
It is best not to expose your young Papillon to High Impact Exercises, such as:
  • Jogging (especially over hard ground, such as concrete)
  • Frisbee playing (Leaping after flying disks or over jumps)
If you have a Papillon, Phalene, Toy Dog ,  (weigh less than 25 LBS) you can begin playing and exercising those mentioned activities at around 9 months, since your youngster has stopped growing.  All other dogs have to wait at least 'till they are about 15- 18months old, pending on their size, and weight.