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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Papillon/Phalene Mental Development :Birth to 12 Months

8-12 Weeks:
Your Papillon puppy will still want to sleep a lot. so, keep play time short, and bring him in his little crate, or quiet corner, where he can find sleep.
Do not follow your desire to show him off hour after hour, or let your children play with him, as he is like a new toy.
12-16 Weeks:
This is the time where your Babe gets imprinted the most. It is the time where you make or break a loving, positive relationship with him. The more fun things you do at this time, the closer he will be to you. A life-long friend!!
4-6 Months:
"Fear Time". this is the time where your Papillon show lots of anxieties. He will be reluctant to do things.
Do not push him too hard. Do not expose him to very loud bangs, or noises. Let him explore in a calm manner a new situation.
6.9 Months
"Terrible Teens". This is a good time for schooling, in a positive, loving way. Take him to obedience school. teach him something. It's the perfect time.
9-12 Months.
This is the time where even small Papillons may challenge you for leadership. In different ways.
Be calm, but positive with him. This is part of their natural development, but you have to show them, that you are the leader (boss).