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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Your Puppy's First Vet Visit

Many of you who just purchased a puppy are wanting to schedule asap a vet appointment, to verify that the puppy is in good health, and will have a good start in life. Even my own contract requires you to go quickly to your vet, to make sure that you purchased a healthy puppy, and not a sickly one.

Here a typical case scenario of what happens:
You are bringing your new puppy home. A stressful time for any puppy: loosing litter mates, new surroundings, strange people, other pets, places, new smells, noises. All new, scary and stressful.
The next day-, or even earlier, the scheduled appointment with the vet- a stressful ride, again another place, strange smells, more big and small animals.

By the time your puppy gets to be put on the vets table, it is clearly stressed to the max, and it may have even came down with stress diarrhea over night.
In other words, your pup is not fit, nor in top health.
The vet will perk around his/ her little butt, gets a stool sample, and determines after a little while that it has worms,and-, or giardia, and,- or coccidiosis, and give the puppy right away a worm treatment (pesticide), and medications for the other 2 bugs (more poison). The doctor then discovers a flea, or only a spec of possible flea poop near the tail set, and pulls out a topic flea treatment, which kills fleas and more, ( it kills just about everything, including your saved up budget for the pup)
And, before you leave he will vaccinate your puppy , most likely with 5 ingredients in one single dose; not only that, it is the same amount of a dose, a Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, or Rottweiler would get, while you are only having in this case a tiny Papillon puppy, or another Toy breed.

On the way out, he will tell you to come back in 3-4 weeks to get more shots, and to make sure to keep going with the monthly worm-, and flea treatment, and annual booster shots. He may even sell you a bag of science diet Dog food before you leave, and you assume, because it is from the doctor, it is the best food there is for your Puppy.
Review on Hills Science Diet

Not to speak of the substantial vet bill, do you really still think your puppy is given a good start in terms of health, and well being? Think again!!

 Give your puppy a break, yes, you do need to take it to the vet, but what about you tell the doctor what to do and not leave it up to him /her alone.. Let him/her  check the dog's heart, ears, knees, temperature, etc.,and leave!.  Take your puppy home, let it rest, get fit, get to know his surroundings. Give it time, and while your pup is tuning into his/her new lifestyle go on line, and learn about vaccinations, flea treatments, diet, so, the next time you go and set up a vet appointment,your puppy is in great shape , and  you can instruct your vet exactly what you want to get done, and more so: what not.
 I posted a few links here for you, there is much-, much more information out there about these subjects.  Please take your time to educate yourself so your puppy does get a good start in life. Do not let that be up to your vet alone, it is on the end your responsibility . Take charge yourself- the only way to do this right.

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