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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dog Treats- Homemade

Most likely, you all know by now that Petco is not selling anymore treats, and food items made in China. Many dogs died, and many more where severely ill from ingesting these treats.
Hello my dear Butterfly Friends- did you ever realize how easy it is to make your own ?
Any treat out there is made for a  long period of shelf life. Treats are colored, treated,processed, you name . Would you eat them?
If you don't have a food dehydrator yet, and you have been buying expensive treats for your pet, you surely can afford to buy a  simple dehydrator @ Amazon, or Walmart.
You can slice up a million things , healthy and wholesome, and most: free of chemicals.
Here is a just recent post of mine about chicken strips.
Dehydrated Chicken 

But by now, I sliced up liver, apples, carrots, and plenty more items. All can be broken down in tiny bits, and kept in the refrigerator in small sandwich bags.
There is not one treat my dogs don't love.
It takes only minutes to slice and organize on the dehydrators tray.
Labor of love. You know your pet is getting a save, and healthy treat.