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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Road's End Pirate's Girls

New photos from the Pirate's Girls, living in Ohio.
(Road's End Pirate's Choice + sister Pirate's Gold)

Hi Antje,

Apologies for lack of updates on Choice and Goldie lately - but in short, they have been doing more than great!!  I've started working on serious obibience training for both of them, towards becoming therapy dogs.  The trainer says both are extremely intelligent and cover more ground in each session than the average dog.  He says both were very quick to establish complete focus on me during training, such as holding a prolonged sit-stay while distractions going on nearby, or off-leash heeling with simulated distraction.  He also made a comment about how the temperament of Choice and Goldie were some of the best that he's ever seen, to which I replied, "The breeder prioritizes breeding for temperament (amongst other things like beauty)".  He said "Make sure you tell her she's done a stellar job doing that!"