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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Papillons- Raw Diet- Simplified- your New Year's Resolution.

Feeding your little Butterflies, or any other dog, cat, is as complicated as going to your grocery store, adding just a little more to your already current food list.
If you buy chicken for your family, or pork, beef, ground beef, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, just ad on a tiny bit, or even get the extra "cheaper part of the meat for your precious friend. You may want to eat lean, skinless, fat-free, but your Pap is better on in eating whole, with some skin, and fat. He will also love the discounts, the little older meat, which has to be sold that day. He does not mind, because his enzymes can even put up with "road-kill, a few days old" if they have to.
You don't need to buy eyeballs, testicles, feet, hooves, which would be ok for him, but he gets along just fine with the meat we eat!  So, do not tell me, you can't handle touching the meat. Do you eat chicken? I assume, you do not go to a third party  for your own personal meals to get your food prepared in a little ball, while that party is telling you- yummy, it's fresh beef, or chicken, or what not. Vegetarian? Understandable, but here you are dealing with dogs. No matter how small they are, they are still dogs. Carnivores.  
 E Coli? Other bugs? Of how many re-calls have you heard in the commercial dog food industry in the last 6 months? Well, there where many.
Get a grip ladies and gentlemen, get a box of latex gloves handy in your kitchen, put on those gloves, get your chicken, beef, or pork chopped in chunks, or even grind it, if you want to invest in a meat grinder. Chop, chop, and wash your gloved hands anyway a few times, while you preparing the meal. The gloves will save your hands from getting rough.
And I hear you saying: I don't want to handle the liver, or kidney for your pet.

Come on, just think about how good it is and how much you contribute for his/her health. If your child would be sick, and needed a liver meal 3 times per week to get better, you would handle the organ meat, right? So, again, get a grip on yourself, and do your friend a favor.
Why in the world would you have to go to another person/company and pay a big price so they can put the food together- freeze, and ship it to you, and you can not even identify what it is?
Would you eat it? Your grocery store is only minutes away, and you are going there anyway frequently, unless you are a fast-food addict.
Let's get down to the simple facts:

  • You are responsible for your companion's health, and well-being.
  • You should be in sole control, of what he/she ingests.
  • You can only know of what you feed your pet by purchasing the meat yourself, and the added ingredients.

Too much work to prepare a few ounces of a meal twice a day?? Don't get a dog!!

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P.s. would love your input here: if you already feed your pet a raw meat diet, let us now how well they do. Thank you , and Happy New Year.