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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Road's End Luminous Lucca

On this post you get to see Lucca, a Road's End Pap which lives with his family in Pennsylvania.

Dear Antje,
It is with overwhelming enthusiasm that I share the good news of Lucca's successful completion of the Canine Good Citizen test! We have done the training all on own without the support of any dog trainer; I am so proud of him. What's even more impressive is the circumstances under which Lucca completed the requirements. The test was given at a Pet Expo here in Pennsylvania, and the atmosphere was overwhelmingly crowded with wall to wall people, dogs, strollers, wheelchairs, and  toped off with loud amplified music. Lucca maintained his confidence and focus among dogs 20 times his size, including  Bernese Mountain dogs, pit bulls, a tiger, and even some llamas. When we arrived I basically decided it would be impossible, under the circumstances, for him to "pass". It was just too wild there…but pass he did, with flying colors! With the exception of some initial distraction in the very beginning, he performed each of the ten elements with ease. I can't not adequately describe how thrilled I am!
Thank you for giving him such a great foundation, Antje, we would not have come this far without the uncompromising care you gave him for the first four months of his life. I can not thank you enough for this wonderful, dear dog.
 It is only now, seeing how well trained Lucca is, that I am considering doing shows, like obedience, rally, freestyle, or even conformation. I just think it would be fun for both of us. No matter what, we are going to do the testing for certification as a therapy dog soon. 
I'll send some new pictures in another email. Oh, I know you will want to know that he is sustaining an adult weight of six pounds. I am not certain that I am measuring him at the withers correctly, but if I am doing it right, he very close to ten inches tall. Everyone continues to admire this gorgeous dog everywhere he goes. Luminous Lucca is really beautiful. I wish you could meet him in person, he is stunning!

All the very best, Raine

Lucca @ 12 weeks,  still with us.

I will post below his dad, dad's brother, half brother, for you to see how similar their looks are:

Lucca's father (our Tiger Man)

Father's brother
Halfbrother to Lucca, (our Acini di Pepe)